Snicket, Lemony – The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1)

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set-text This book is a set text for grade 7 English Language B Phase 5.

35 thoughts on “Snicket, Lemony – The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1)

    1. Profile photo of Justin JiaJustin Jia

      In this book we follow three siblings Violet, an incredible inventor, Klaus, a reader and Sunny who has four very sharp teeth and loves to bite things.
      There is no happiness in this story. The Bad Beginning, is just that. A fire in the family mansion kills the children’s parents and the children are sent off to live with distant relative, Count Olaf. Life doesn’t improve for the Baudelaires as Count Olaf turns out to be a unfriendly guardian who forces them to cook and clean in his gloomy, dirty house. The children discover that the Count intends to get his hands on the enormous Baudelaire fortune and has a revolting plan taking place.
      This book gives me a really deep impression, as the story moves to the rising action, I can feel my heart beating fast while I read about how horrible the situation, which the Baudelaires live.

  1. Profile photo of Glen Min

    This book is the must read to children who like suspense and adventure. The author of the book has a unique voice in his writing and the letter he writes to the readers at the end of the book is very clever. Also don’t worry about the book being too depressing because to be honest, it’s a very good book. When I read this book in third grade, I couldn’t wait to read the next book. This book could be enjoyed by everyone and I recommend everyone to read this book!

  2. Profile photo of Celine DionCeline Dion

    this book is amazing, and i want to read the whole “the series of unfortunate event”now. also,i give a five star to this book, because the story in this book is amazing and exciting.i hope the school libary could buy the second book for us to read!

  3. Profile photo of Julia ChuJulia Chu

    The Bad Beginning, it is written by Lemony Snicket.
    i gave this book for 4 stars .
    It is because :
    -The characteristic of different character are very clear in this book.
    -This book is very suspense and adventure, you would never know what will happen next in this book.
    -It is a very interesting book,
    -but also, i think it is not really a happiness book, the orphans are always happening something bad. I don’t think that this is good for people. This book is just for interesting book, but i don’t really like it. I don’t know for others , but for me it was a book that will let me fidget but not happy and excited.
    However, when you opened this book, and read it , you will never want to close this book ever, it let you want to read the next book and the next book.

  4. Profile photo of Spring XiaSpring Xia

    I read this book the first time in fourth grade, that time I thought it is a great book. But reading it again now, I can only give it a 3 star. It is a great book thats interesting and intense, there is a big climax, the wedding part but I shall not spoil it. The author of this book has a unique way of writing, explaining what words means and giving readers little hints about the author, Lemony Snicket. On the other hand, I think the book ended too fast, and the book its self is a little bit short. It is still a good book and i recommend everyone to read it.

  5. Profile photo of Rosemary WuRosemary Wu

    I want to give the book a 5 stars because it’s AMAAAAAAZING and honest, the author describes things in detail and very clear. I couldn’t wait to read the next book and I recommend everyone to read it~ The reason why I gave the book a 4 stars is because first, I accidentally pressed 4. Second, the book is so sad and too depressing, I don’t like books with bad things happen all the time…

  6. Profile photo of EstheryEsthery

    This book is very interesting and makes the reader continue. There are lots of UNFORTUNATE events that makes you feel sorry for them. I liked all the characters, they are all very different and they have unexpected characteristics. People who like happy and exciting stories should not read it.

  7. Profile photo of NobelNobel

    🙂 good for the good parts,not very excited in the best parts(for me) and i have little interest on this book.but it is good because it took me time to read this book and i can write a reading journal during the reading class.heheheheheheheh!i actually don’t like books that write adventures! hahahahhahah! it is also boring because of the boring ending!hahahahh,it is also a ☺☺☺☺☺

  8. Profile photo of Clara LeeClara Lee

    This book is adventuristic. I really recommend this book to the primary school and middle school ( in somehow) students. The author of this book, Lemony Snicket, was really clever that he actually attracts children and me to read the next book (series). Also, I loved the way he narrates:)

  9. Profile photo of Christina ZhaoChristina Zhao

    I gave this book 4 stars.
    I gave it 4 stars because this book is different from others. It has a sad ending. This book is a book that can makes you keep on reading the series of this book. It is a good book to read and recommend. This book is not that sad in my opinion, and the story is very attractive and exciting.
    The character in this book are very adventurous and clever.(I mean the Baudelaire children.)

  10. Profile photo of Adam CheAdam Che

    This book is great, and the author is good too. The plot of the story leads us into the story and made it exciting. But I think the students under fifth grade shouldn’t read this book because the things in the story is not very happy. And the way the author told the story is unique too, he always told us that not to read the book. And I like the story very much.

  11. Profile photo of Stephanie ChoiStephanie Choi

    I gave this book four stars because the characters in this book are very clear and well explained. The plot of the story is thrilling and adventurous. While I was reading this book I never found myself sleeping over the book or to be filled with boredom. I really recommend this book to everyone because this book is AWESOME!!!

  12. Profile photo of Reagan MinReagan Min

    There are 12 more book and every book bring up a whole new plot, conflict which encourages me to keep on reading the book even though it took me quite a long time. Quite interesting how the author vividly describes about the events and smoothly links to the next story with ease.

  13. Profile photo of Sam KimSam Kim

    I assume it is better to read Mr Snicket’s The Bad Beginning than playing hide-and-seek outside with some idiots. This is because the story of this book is really, really fun. Plus this book is easy to read as well. This book is basically about a man named Olaf trying to get all the money of one family.

    1. Profile photo of Caitlin DuCaitlin Du

      Although it is a great book, but I’m not a big fan of it. Some part in the book is a bit too childish and not realistic. It is a great book to read for children or teenagers who is very childish, because the event in this story is imaginary (Can never happen), and it is easy to read. Anyway, it is a happy story (My opinion) with a not happy or sad ending.

  14. Profile photo of FinnHolmesFinnHolmes

    I loved “The Series of Unfortunate Events” it was a book with unexpected stories and it was also an amazingly detailed story. When i was reading this book it felt like i was a part of one of the characters. I also felt bad for everything they have to go through in this book, cause it was something i think i wouldn’t want to go through or even something anyone wants to go through, AMAZING BOOK 😀 ! recommend this book to the people who haven’t read this book yet. 🙂 😀

  15. Profile photo of AliceAlice

    We learned this book in our English class and I think it’s very interesting. We read this book chapters by chapters, and we learned many new vocabulary words too. Also, we started a small “play” about it during the class, it’s pretty funny.
    Right now, we’re making a PPT about a character in this book — Klaus, he is one of the orphans. The other main character were Violet, Sunny, Count Olaf, Justice Strauss and Mr.Poe. They are all nice people in the book expect Count Olaf, he is despicable and evil, I hate him so much!
    The story was about the three orphans, their parent died so Mr.Poe took them to Count Olaf’s house. Count Olaf treated the orphans terrible and he even wanted to get their money!
    Finally, he set up a plan, did it really worked? If you want to know, go read the book know! =D

  16. Profile photo of ValeriaValeria

    I have read all the books but the only thing that i dont like is that they came to a bad end as most orphans do. Count Olaf is despicable and will do anything anything to get that fortune even marring Violet the oldest and the cleverest at inventing.Klaus next the smart one who always knows the answer and last Sunny Who likes to bite things.

  17. Profile photo of kwon seoyunkwon seoyun

    I read this book at English class, it’s very interesting. There were no books that made me concentrate on the book without “The bad beginning.”
    The despicable man, Count Olaf ,made me angry several times, but he made content more interesting.
    I recommend this book to people who are finding a book which is very funny and special!

  18. Profile photo of Ivy ChangIvy Chang

    This book is about three poor kids who lost both of their parent because of a big fire. Three orphans have been seed to live with three relative. I really like this book, I’ll recommend this book to people who likes sad and adventure books.

  19. Profile photo of timtim

    I read the book one of the Series of Unfortunate Events,”The Bad Beginning”. This book was quite sad and full of misfortunes, it was mainly about the whole pack of misfortune that befell on the three Baudelaire children. The most serious one was, to me, the big fire. It killed their parents and left them nothing but trouble and then turning into three orphans, it was truely all unfortunate so if you don’t like these stories you may not read it, but in my Opinion, it was still pretty interesting to read even though there were misfortunes on the children.

  20. Profile photo of AllenAllen

    Well i think this story is kind of sad because the main character which is the three of the orphan kid lost their family but they are very strong and brave. Any ways i think it is good to know a bout the life of the orphans, Especially for the kids. The feeling of beening a orphan, it is really sad you know.

  21. Profile photo of Timofey ZhalninTimofey Zhalnin

    The Bad Beginning, it is written by Lemony Snicket.
    I rated this book for 5 stars .
    – The personality and the attitude of different characters is very clear and unique in this book.
    – Want to read on and on! Very adventurous!
    – Generally interesting
    – Happy ending, the orphans are finally rid of Count Olaf and now going to find a new relative
    – I want to read the next book! Very very much!
    – I like the way the author explains words in this story

  22. Profile photo of KIM DONG GEONKIM DONG GEON

    This book contains really a unfortunate,and miserable story. At this front of the book and also at the middle of the book tells us do not hope the good ending and happy story. So, when i read Count Olaf ran away, i was happy and read again and again that part. We could hope more and more this series books. I like this series of books.

  23. Profile photo of SparshSparsh

    This book is depressing, with its plot. Any reader would feel touched on the 3 orphans on the cover. The young orphans are named Violet( The oldest of the kids),Klaus, and sunny, who loves to bite anything. They were a part of a rich family, until a deadly fire burned down their home, and made their parents perish. Count Olaf. He is cruel, cold, and most important: He wants their fortune. Read this book to see the large twists, as Count Olaf makes a try to take their fortune. The worst thing above all of this is that Count Olaf is their Guardian! Justice Strauss, a great neighbor is a great and humble character, and she was in the “happily ever after part”. The book had great vocabulary, and it was easy and quick to read. I would definitely recommend this book to any type of reader.

  24. Profile photo of JasonJason

    This book is very interesting to some people that likes bad stories. Not bad stories like a bad story, but a Bad beginning, everything is very depressing. But the thing is that they will try to find a way out of their bad uncle Count Olaf.

  25. Profile photo of shellyshelly

    I think this book is interesting, the adventures of the three orphans is entertaining. We learn this book in
    english class. I like the author’s idea of the adventure of the three orphans, and I think the plot of the story is cool. It was amazing that the author could think of so many stories and write ten books about the orphans. The characters in this book are appealing to readers. The evil Count Olaf, the kind Justice Strauss, and the intelligent, brave, and unfortunate children, the go through some really tough events fighting Count Olaf.
    Although this book is appealing, it is very depressing to read, there is not a single happy event in the story. I rather prefer stories with ” Happily ever after “.

  26. Profile photo of LindaLinda

    This is an amazing book, I like it very much! This book is about three orphans Violet, Klaus, and Sunny’s adventure. These three orphans lost both of their parents because of a big fire, so Mr Poe took them to Count Olaf, an evil man. Count Olaf led the orphans to do anything he wants them to do, and he even want money from them. This is an amazing book, I like it very much!

  27. Profile photo of Emily ShiEmily Shi

    tells the story of Violet, Klaus and Sunny the three siblings, actually orphans, fighting against Count Olaf, a greedy and evil man who treated them cruelly and threatened Violet to marry him so he could get their fortune.
    I think this book is really impressive, it’s sort of an adventure book. And it’s really interesting of how they always thought of brilliant ideas that saved them from a matter of life and death.

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