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19 thoughts on “Shelley, Mary – Frankenstein

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  3. Profile photo of AnderAnder

    I read frankenstein twice today. What I want to say is to be careful when we make a decision.

    If frankenstein thought carefully when he decided to make a human being, for example, why he wanted to create such kind of being, how to treat him when he is born, how to educate or control him, how to make it happy,etc. the following disaster will not be happened. This is his first mistake he made. but he cannot learn from the errors.

    When the monster told him his mistakes, he decided to make a female monster to match with the previous one because he had a fancy to make the world peace. But when he almost finished the female one, he changed his mind and destroyed his supposed wife in front of the monster, what a kind of cruelty which i cannot bear, neither did the monster. so that the following disaster continued.

    From the beginning to the end of the story, the monster was ugly. But he was kind and nice at the beginning, and he wanted to help others and was eager to be recognized by the surroundings.he wanted a family desperately and a wife, but because of all the deed frankenstein did, he chose to revenge.

    Frankenstein was a smart guy, and eager to learn. but what I learn from the story is not about intelligence of creativity, is about precaution when we make any decision, people have to make decision always, for example, when you choose the major you are going to study for the next whole life, please ask yourself over and over again if you are really willing to do that for ever; when you decide to propose or decide to agree to marriage, please think about the long future life with a special man or women, how to solve the problem when you two have different opinions; when you decide to give a birth to a child, please think about how to educate him or her, how to cherish, how to raise him or her to grow up with your beloved one together,etc.

    We always have to choose the way we are going to walk. please be carefully when you choose. Once you have made the decision,please go on and try your best to follow the initial intention and think about the way to solve the problem. Do not be cruel!

  4. Profile photo of Caitlin DuCaitlin Du

    I enjoy this book, from the beginning to the end. Frankenstein should have think carefully before creating this monster. Because of Frankenstein’s stupid mistake, his whole family is dead (Instead of his father). He must regret a lot when his saw all of his love ones being killed by the evil creature that he created.

  5. Profile photo of Teresa SHINTeresa SHIN

    I enjoyed the book so much! I thought it would be scary because someone said it is horror, but it was not that scary as I had thought. Victor is smart guy although he made mistake of bringing this creature to life. The description was vivid, story was very good.

    1. Profile photo of Kelly MillerKelly Miller Post author

      Teresa, I agree with your last statement . Victor got so obsessed with HOW to make the creature, but he thought NOTHING of what he would do with it once it came alive! It’s a very interesting ethical issue that we’re still debating as science brings new technologies into use, ie cloning, stem cell growth, “printing” new human tissue and organs with 3D printers, etc.

      Glad you’re enjoying the book 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Sophie ZhangSophie Zhang

    Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly

    This book is a science fiction book, but also one of the classics. This story tells of how a scientist, Victor, tries to create a human but makes a monster instead. After creating the creature, Victor suffered many pains because of it: The death of his little brother who was murdered by the monster, the hanging of a young girl because people accused her of the murder, the death of his wife at their marriage night… Eventually Victor tracked the monster until the North Pole, where he died after telling this tale. The monster later jumped into the sea for everything he’d done to Victor.

    This story is a little hard to understand at places but you can basically piece the whole thing together. I recommend this book to people from 5 grades to maybe 8 or 9th grade. It’s fairly interesting but don’t read it before bed or you’ll get the creeps!

  7. Profile photo of SparshSparsh

    Frankenstein is, truly a book that will be mentioned in Halloween. Even as a book, the entire plot is “Born” after Victor Frankentein gave pulses into the monster he created. Stitched together with old body parts from a grave, the monster goes berserk in town, and it tears Victors life, and finally, victor gets a gun, and , well you would already know it, shoot the creature. After this incident, Victor swore himself not to experiment as he changes after the monsters awakening. I truly think it’s a classic that will give readers a great chance to imagine the story In their mind, and understand it easily.

  8. Profile photo of timtim

    I read the book “Frankenstein” in my National holidays, this book was mostly about unfortunate events and difficulties that happened on the main character, Victor, in the book, I think the book is called “Frankenstein” because the book is mostly about the monster Victor created of a moment of excitement, the level I read was Advanced, it was a bit difficult for me to read it, but I think it contained lots of deep thoughts of the author while she was writing it, so I think it was quite helpful. I think this book is very interesting and fun, it also transports deep thoughts of the author to the reader, it could train the reader’s logical mind because to throughly understand the book, it would take lots of thinking.

  9. Profile photo of AllenAllen

    I like this book very much. Well when i was reading it i thought it was a myth and it is kind of cool because the monster frankenstei is made of 6 people and he is so strong, that almost no body can really kill him. And i read the book many times becasue i enjoied the book very much

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