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    This is a rather creative book. And I heard that Suzanne got the idea when she channel surfed from a war review to a game show. Though I must say I dislike the main character, Katniss, she is far too unbelieving in her self and many more reasons. Anyways, this is still one of the so called fandom books and I think its quite fun. You should read it.

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    I enjoyed reading this book so much; it might be because I liked fantasy/science fiction stories. But I think the settings and the others are really creative, and the descriptions were very vivid that even I had not seen the movie, it was possible to draw the picture of the scene. IT IS AWESOME and INTERESTING!

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    I think this book is very creative and interesting. I think it is probably suited to grade 6 to 8. The reason for I read it is I watched the movie last year and think both the movie and book are awesome!!! The story tells of there was a place that have 12 districts and a capital city. The king picked two people from the other districts every year and let them play hunger game for fun. And there is only one person can survive at last. But this time, it became to have two winners. If you want to know why, read the book!!!

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    Book Review
    This book was very entertaining. i liked this book very much. i started to read this book because my homeroom teacher had that book on the shelve, and i was too lazy to get a book from the library. Then this book totally caught my interest.
    The Hunger Games talks about this event called hunger games in the community held by rich and high status people for entertainment. But the event isn’t so much fun for the tributes (2 people in the each district will be drawn to attend the game each year) who are forced to attend; it’s a survival and killing game, full with blood and fear. The main character Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark was chosen as tributes representing district 12. The story goes on where Katniss and Peeta find their way through the game, how they fight against enemies, how they fight the evil government who’s in charge of everything of the game, how they end up. Will they survive? What problems will they face? Read the book, and things will reveal.

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    Hunger games were one of my favourite books in fifth grade. A game of life and death. Either you kill, or you die. It fascinated me how the hunger games were designed to keep the districts under control of the capital. I don’t really like the main character that much, but i enjoyed her story. This book has a lot in it, especially at the end, of how Katniss thought of cheating the games and keeping both her and Peeta alive

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    The Hunger Games
    This book is one of my favorite books. It’s one of the books that you never find bored to read, because you’ll always find something in the story that you didn’t the last time. The story is written in the background and the society of our grandparents but the technology of – probably – our grandchildren. The story from head to toe tells about ‘It kill or be killed’. It was neatly designed and obviously exciting to readers. The Capitol designs the Hunger Games to keep the twelve districts in order and to keep them from creating a rebellion.

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    This book is really cool but i do not really likes it becasue it is kind of Cruel and there is a lot of fight in there and by the way i also think it is a little bit bloody. The all book is about that they have to fight for them self or else others will kill them which none of them likes. And there is about there books of hunger game and i like the first one becasuse the others are a little bit similer to them.

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    I wasn’t really into this book at first but after reading the first two chapters I really found the beauty of this book, I think the best thing about it is that we got to know how cruel a society can be.People can lose their mind because of the desire of power and wealth it’s not a thing that you can actually control, maybe one day in the next century our descendants’ life will be like what is described in this book, however I hope there’s a mockingjay just like Katniss that will start a rebellion and lead them a better life…(MY…HOPE IT WON’T HAPPEN!)

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    It is a very interesting book of adventures, it makes people feel like you are in the story. Although the hunger game is a bit cruel because all the killing stuffs, it’s still a fantastic book. There are some parts which makes my heart pound because of the danger Katniss was facing and some interesting thing that were happening. Anyway, it’s really a great book for us.

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    This book is one of my favorite book. When I was reading it, I am totally, a hundred present insane. Especially when they were doing a draw for choosing the tributes, i think that is the most “valuable” day for the districts. For me, if I am in the game, and I am one of the “Lucky” tributes, I will probably faint. In addition, I think the Capital should be damaged, and everybody will be in the same position, no one is going to discriminate others, and everyone will be back to normal life. In conclusion, I can’t wait to read the other 2 books, things are getting more and more complicated.

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    I read the book “The Hunger Games”
    The ruins in the North America continent, there was a country that have twelve administrative region and a rich capital that surrounded by administrative region

    The country would forced the people to handout one girl and one boy in each administrative region, and send them to the annual “hunger game”, and live telecast to the whole country.
    A gril that named Katniss live with her mother and her younger sister, she was 16 years old, she instead of her sister in the “ lottery day”, her younger sister was chosen by the hunger game.

    During the survival training for the “hunger games”, she mastered fighting skills and the skills to survive, the most important thing is, she has a great intuition. These talents helped her to won the huger games.

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    The Hunger Games series is a very popular young adults series of book written by Suzanne Collins. It has three books: The huger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. I just read the first book.
    In the story, the Panem has 12 (Before is was 13) districts and a Capitol. Long time ago right after the Panem was founded, the 13 districts rebelled, but soon the Capitol took over them and destroyed the District 13. From that day on, all the 12 districts had to send one boy and one girl from the age 12 to 18 randomly (Or volunteered) to the Capitol to join the Hunger Game. 24 teenagers from 12 districts would fight in an arena, which could be desert, tundra or forest. They would try to kill each other until one left, and that person would be the winner.
    The story happened on a 16-year-old girl whose name was Katniss Everdeen. She was a poor girl who lived with her mother and younger sister in District 12. However, her life changed when she volunteered to be a Tribute to save her sister when her sister was chosen during the preparation of a Hunger Game. She struggled and tried her best, and finally won the game with Peeta, who was also from District 12.
    I have watched the movie before so I wanted to read the book this time. I found out it is really interesting to read a book after you watched the movie.
    During my reading, I had met some new words that I don’t know. Sometimes I can guess the meaning but sometimes I just skipped them. The reason why I am doing this is because I think it feels sick when I stop on every new word and look it up in the dictionary. I don’t like to be disrupted while reading. Over all, I think The Hunger Games is a very fun book.

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