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    “Un Lun Dun is at war. we’re under attack. and its been written, for centuries, that you will come and save us.”
    the book is basically talking about the adventure of two girls — Zanna and Deeba which took place in Un Lun Don. but unfortunately, they arrived at a really dangerous time, Un Lun Dun is at war, the smog is attacking Un Lun Dun, People in Un Lun Dun thinks that Zanna can save them from the nightmare they’re in, but, she’s just a ordinary girl, can she really defeat the smog? the frightened city is in need of a hero…

    i personally think that its a great book, its suited for both adults and children. there are lots of plot twisting, which made the book more interesting and fun to read. and i really like the way that the author included illustrations inside the book. as i said above, this book is suited for both children and adults, sometimes, some of the informations in the book might be too complicated for children to understand, so, the author used some pictures to clarify them. which is a great idea.

    the book cover of Un Lun Don is designed in a eye-catchy way. the information included on the cover is at the right amount, the organization of the cover is not bad, the reader can clearly know where to look first where next. when you look at the front cover, instead of the books title, the first thing you’ll see is the authors name “China Mieville”. thats only because the author is really famous, so when the readers saw the name “China Mievlle”they might have the interest to pick the book up and give it a try.

    i 100% recommend you to read it, and i promise you that you’ll like it.

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    Un Lun Dun is a magnificent book. It basically tells that the shwazzy, which means the chosen one in French. And her sidekick, Deeba, is the best friend of Zanna. They went to Unlondon in a accident: there are many broken things chasing them, so they actually run from them, they run to deeba’s house, and then they saw an umbrella chasing them, then the went to unlondon, and found out that they are actually in war with the smog. And the smog went to make the shwazzy—-Zanna lost it memories. Then they went back to London again. But Deeba checked some websites. And they found the main character to fight the smog has actually died a few years ago! So she actually fight for peace and safety, and in the last, she win because she got the ultimate weapon: the UnGun.
    He used a lot f ways to make the whole novel much better than before. Like puns, which is a mix of two numbers, and it makes the book very fun. They created a lot of new words for the whole novel.

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    There was a broken television outside the street yesterday.
    And today it is gone. where do you think it went? to the garbage dump? or to the junkyard? no.
    The television went to another world that is not visible from here. all trash in London, had went to Un Lun Dun without anyone discovering.

    Un LunDun is a place where all rubbish come alive, and all necessaries there that people used were made from trash in London. For example, they live in houses made of broken televisions, wear clothes made from paper and trash, and had milk cartons for pets.

    Zanna, and her best friend Deeba, went to UnLundun accidentally and unexpectedly, and that was because Zanna became the Shwazzy of UnLunDun, which meant “the chosen one”. And she was supposed to save the people from the big bad guy: Smog, which is like smoky fog, made of air pollution. She was expected to defeat it with secret weapons but they knew nothing about smog, who was trying to attack her and Deeba. So the girl’s great adventure in another unknown world began.

    That book is extremely creative and full of imaginations, there are many made up words in this book and make sure you don’t get confused by them, in addition, the illustrations in the book are great, and i hope you enjoy reading this magnificent book. 🙂

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    There is another world except for the world where human beings live! It’s called Un Lun Dun. All rubbish from London go to Un Lun Dun. The smog is the major problem in Un LunDun, and the shwazzy called Zanna and her friend Deeba enter Un Lun Dun accidentally. This is a amazing story about their journey at both of Un Lun Dun and Lon Don.
    Also some illusrations were added in this book, the are really nice. Enjoy the book!

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    This is a really really interesting book but I really don’t like it because it is well… Not my style. There are hilarious parts that the whole class laughed at which is “Stark Naked Hemi”, “Rubbing Legs together” and countless other stuff that my classmate “T” can make up. Well, not my type of book but it is a very very interesting book. Everything is different from this world but we all have a same enemy: The Smog.

    My rating to keep everyone happy:
    But my rating should be 0/5
    NOT Jason
    Well, dis is gud stuff.
    How 2 Git Gud.

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    Un Lun Dun is a very appealing and creative book, with many interesting illustrations, it makes the book even more amazing. new words are made up from two different words, these are called “Puns”. don’t try to search them, because you will never find the meaning of it!

    Un Lun Dun, a secret place where garbage comes alive, where people fight with “unbrellas” , where half-ghosts appear, where people have pins and needles stuck in their head, where a garbage becomes a pet, where smombies appear, where people suffer from the smog.

    Debba and Zanna accidentally enters this unknown world, people tells Zanna that she is “the chosen one”. they went on a adventure with their newly made friends. She tries to defeat the Smog with her friends, but will she succeed?

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    Can you believe there is another world except this world? I couldn’t believe that there was another world before I read this book. The plot of this book is interesting because a girl called Zanna and Deeba goes to Un Lun Dun by turning the handle…They met new friends and had many troubles…:) The biggest enemy in the book was the SMOG. I wish there will be Un Lun Dun 2, which is about how curdle is living in London or maybe someone finds the UnGun and there will be a huge explosion… 😉

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    This book is about a city called Un Lun Dun, this city is from completely two different world from London. All of the trash in London ends up in Un Lun Dun. The biggest problem Un Lun Dun is facing is the smog, in some way, there were chemical reactions when all the trashes combined, the smog has brain, it can think. Zanna is the chosen one by Un Lun Dun to help them defeat the smog, because Zanna’s from London, and London faced the problem and London solved it. Zanna and her friend Deeba accidentally went to Un Lun Dun one night by turning a wheel in the basement. But they got attacked by the smog when they just got there, Zanna lost all her memories about Un Lun Dun, they got sent back. Then Deeba found out that Unstible, one of the good people died already, the soul in his body was not Unstibles anymore. At last, Deeba accomplished all the challenges, and defeat the Smog.

    I enjoyed when reading this book, the story is interesting, and exciting. Things in the story are creative, London became Un Lun Dun, the river became SMEATH RIVER, etc. I really recommend to read this book.

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    This book describes a new world, Un Lun Dun. It’s full of strange characters. It’s a quest story combined with fantasy stories. There a normal stuff in our daily life, books, umbrellas became a live and do different things. The book is very creative and have a lot of imaginations. There’re a lot of surprises and betrayal. It also tell us that protecting the environment are very important. The smog we produce will harm us even through it don’t have a brain. It’s a great and interesting book to read.

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    Un Lun Dun is a very creative book. It is an adventure of Deeba, the “Unchosen one” in a magic land. She was not destined to be chosen the but she was brave and smart. She fend off Smog single handed using UnGun.
    She went through strange and dangerous quests with the help of er friends.
    The book tell us to be courageous and willing to change your fate, you need to stay calm during any circumstances. Like Deeba.
    It was also about pollution, we should burn less foil and don’t waste energy.

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    Un Lun Dun is a very creative book, but I just don’t like the way the author writes the story. There are illustrations in the book that make the story more interesting. In Un Lun Dun, umbrellas came alive and people were dressing in strange clothes and things were growing on their skin. There are many puns in the book related to the sights and places in London. UnLondon was facing a fearful enemy that has a brain, and it is taking over UnLondon slowly.

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    A very boring book. It is very boring because, Shwazzy disappeared in the middle of the book. Deeba sucked in the smoke, and I am spoiling too much. Un Lun Dun, a secret place where garbage comes alive, boys drop down naked in the bus.

    1/5 – Ew

    By Jason & Timofey

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    I think Un Lun Dun is a very interesting book featuring fantasy and destiny. The main plot is basically about two girls finding their way into a new, strange world where it’s nothing like ordinary London. But, this world hides evilness under it’s bizarre outer appearance, as evil groups slowly emerge from unlondoners; betrayal and loyalty, bravery and cowardy.

    I also think that the author had very create ideas, the different places in unlondon are clearly thought through in detail. And alot of connections are present to other books or locations; therefore I think this book was a genuinely impressive novel, and I was able to visualize the events clearly; solely from the text.

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    Un Lun Dun, an “abcity” on the other side of LonDon, is formed by all the trash and wastes threw by the Londoners on the streets. The UnLonDoners are nothing similar with each other, they have different looks, different clothes, and absolutely different personalities. In UnLunDun, nothing is impossible, but bad things also happen.

    Deeba and Zanna, 2 teenagers girls, accidentally entered UnLunDun on a normal day. Zanna, the SHWAZZY (the chosen one), was predicted to save UnLunDun from the hand of the SMOG. But, who knows what will happen, and who knows if the prophesies are correct or not?

    In my opinions, UnLunDun is a good book to read, but it is also a little bit boring. The creative concepts and ideas that were used in the book are interesting, and all those detailed descriptions make you feel that your watching a movie instead of a book. So over all, I think UnLunDun it’s a cool book to read.

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    The book Un Lun Dun is about a strange world called UnLondon. UnLondon is a place where trashes are alive, and all the lost and broken things end up. The enemy that UnLondon are facing has taken UnLondon slowly, and it has a brain. It’s a unique quest story which has many differences from the classic quest stories. The chosen one that suppose to save the world has been replaced in the middle of the story, and our real hero has even decided to skip the tasks and straight to the final request. The plot of this book is interesting, and the illustrations in the book make things much easier to imagine.

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