Green, John – The Fault in Our Stars

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  1. Profile photo of Karen LeeKaren Lee

    This book is simply great. It is extremely touching — be ready to cry for 20 minutes nonstop. It teaches you some lessons regarding how one should live his/her life. The love between Augustus and Hazel is just so genuine. The ending is sad. But, this is the one book you should read if you are a young adult. This book helps you to grow into a more mature person. Trust the power of John Green and dive into his world of awesomeness.

  2. Profile photo of Stephanie ChoiStephanie Choi

    I cannot list all of the words that describes this book. There’s too much!! This is my favorite book and I’ve spent all my weekends to read all of it and i kept reading and reading and reading. This book is such a touching story and when i finish reading this book, i felt like I grew up. I have learned so much things from this book. I LOVE THIS BOOOOOK!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of Sophie Runpei HeSophie Runpei He

    Review for Book Battle thingy
    This is a race of a boy, a girl, cancer and an endless book. So what happened was, there is a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster that have lung cancer and might drown any minute; and she meets Augustus Waters, whom lost an leg to cancer at the cancer support group. They learned each other and the race to cancer begins. They exchanged their favorite books and Hazel give him a book called” An Imperial Affliction”. Later, Augustus was frustrated to figure out that the book as without an ending, and Hazel explained to him that the author disappeared and never published the next novel of the book. So Augustus decides to track him down and manages to use the one chance to wish for something to invite Hazel to meet the author. But Hazel is really sick and most of the people disagree for Hazel to go to this trip since it might effect her health and very dangerous issues might be happen to her. But then her main doctor who knows her best decides that its going to be the best to let Hazel go as she wishes.
    I shall leave the next half of the book unspoiled for you all and you should go on, flip the pages and finished the end of the story. All I have to say about it is that this story is so true and full of hope, but the ending brings up the deepest fear and sadness that anyone have. After reading this book, i learned about having to chase after my dream and how lucky i am to be healthy. If people in such sad status can manage to live as if the world is heaven, why can we not do that? “The fault In Our Stars” is definitely a book to read if you have hesitations in life, or you want some hope.

  4. Profile photo of Kaede KogaKaede Koga

    I give this book a 4 because this book was great. I liked how it was the truth about people suffering with cancer. I didn’t give this book a five, because of the ending. Probably everyone who reads this book will understand why. I think that Hazel and Gus were perfect for each other, but then there was the tragic happening. I hope that John Green tells everyone what happened to the characters afterwards.

  5. Profile photo of AllenAllen

    I like the book and i also like the movie very much because it is so lovely. Although i like the book but it does not means that it also have a good ending , well I hope they can change the ending becasue I think it is kind of sad.

  6. Profile photo of Crystal ZhangCrystal Zhang

    I read this book when I was in Canada, and its the only book which let me read from afternoon to about eleven o’ clock. It’s extremely touching, and I felt suck into the book when I was reading it. Although it had a sad end but it still teaches people how to become mature. If anyone in real life has difficult problems, I recommend this book to them.

  7. Profile photo of LindaLinda

    This book is a great book, sweet and touching. It is about a love story between Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, they met at the cancer support group. Hazel has lung cancer and might drown any minute, Augustus lost an to cancer. In the very beginning of this book, they traded their favorite book to each other, Hazel gave Augustus a book called “An Imperial Affliction” But Augustus later found out that this book doesn’t have an ending, so he was planning a trip to go meet the author of “An Imperial Affliction” with Hazel. Everybody else thought this trip wasn’t appropriate for Hazel, but her main doctor said the best way is to let Hazel go as she wishes.
    I will give this book 4 stars. I don’t give it a five is because of the bad ending. And I don’t really understand the tittle. I think the ending is not appropriate.

  8. Profile photo of SparshSparsh

    The fault in our stars is a touching story of a teenager named Hazel, who lives a rather depressing life due to her lung cancer. She goes to “The heart of Jesus” (Its a church) for her normal support group meeting, where kids 12 to 19 or so talk about their feelings of their own “disadvantage”. With a lung cancer, she takes a oxygen cart whereever she goes and breathes through a cannula and ingests phanxifor, a drug that slows the speed of cancer to spread. One day at the boring support group, she finds Augustus Waters, a 17 year old who had lost one of his legs due to cancer. From the support group, they begin a everlasting friendship starting with exchanging books, when Hazel gave her Favorite book An Imperial Affliction and their friendship gets closer and closer until, the end of the book when all seems lost. I find their quest for knowing the end of An Imperial Affliction something that makes their frienship very close. In my opinion, this a book which is beautifully written and made, even though tragic. I would find carrying a oxygen cart with me everytime rather stressing, and it seems hard to live with it. I find this book depressing, as well as touching. The author John Green wrote this for a teenager who he knew had cancer and had sadly died. I would say the protagonist is cancer. I gave this a 5 because of the deep detail John green put into it.

  9. Profile photo of Mary.WangMary.Wang

    What can I say, gosh…… such a awesome book, I love John Green so much, this is the very first book I read from him, and started from that I fell in love with John Green’s writings. overtime I read this book I will cry, it is about Augustus.Waters and Hazel Grace they all have some sort of sick or cancer you can say, and their love story, I don’t wanna spoil so read it by ur self

  10. Profile photo of EstheryEsthery

    This novel “The Fault In Our Stars” is about teen love. Main characters Hazel and Augustus fall in love with each other from the organization “Heart of Jesus”. Because they both are ill, they weren’t able to guarantee their life expectancy. (Yes spoil) In the end, Augustus Water dies. My favorite character was Augustus; he is very desirable and makes right choices.

    Augustus friend Isaac had some contrasting points with me. Isaac really hated to see the world without his best friend Augustus, which means he really loves his friends.

    I really liked this novel “The Fault In Our Stars”. My favorite part was where Augustus used his genie wish for Hazel. It was so sweet. My worst part was where Augustus left Hazel, Isaac and died. It was very sad when Hazel wrote a letter to death Augustus. I really want to change the ending of this story. I want to change it to a happy ending that Hazel and Augustus marries.

    I recommend this book to young adults who like tragic love stories. It is all about friendship, love and death.

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