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    I liked this book because the subject was very fresh. The chocolate factory that is described in the book was very wonderful. The expressions made the readers to imagine the image of the big factory and many funny candies. Also the names of the candies were very funny.

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    This book is a good read for everybody. Some people have this stereotype that this book is only suited for little children. No! This book is full of imagination and we teenagers and young adults need this imagination from time to time, so check this book out! I promise that the book is better than the movie.

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    Before I read this book, I assumed that this book was only for stupid preschoolers. After I read this book, I thought, hmm…this book is actually quite funny and not childish at all. Dahl actually put many interesting characters in his book and I really liked it. I like the girl who likes to chew gums a lot. She has a good sense of humour.

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    I think this book is very imaginative and impossible, because if some one actually is able to do what Willy Wonka does, i’d go crazy. i like this book because of it’s humor and imagination. And also the fact that it’s so impossible…I won’t spoil it.

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    This book called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was such a beautiful book I’ve ever seen in my whole life. This book Charlie and the chocolate factory is the story about a boy who is being suffered by poverty called Charlie. He is the main character of this book, who will own the Chocolate factory. Willy Wonka was the owner of the Chocolate factory, but, later the owner of the Chocolate factory was given to Charlie via Wonka’s test. There were 5 children who attempt to own the Chocolate factory. But, unfortunately, Charlie won the game and owns the Chocolate factory. The reason why I chose this book is because this book is simple and easy to read.

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    Charlie and the chocolate factory is the first English book I read. When I first came to IB, my English is not very well, So I could just read this book. I think this is a pretty good and interesting book. I’ve seen the Charlie and the Chocolate factory before i read this book. The book is even more interesting. This is a story about a poor boy who named Charlie and other 4 kids, which own the Golden tickets and went to the chocolate factory of Mr. Willy Wonka. Mr. Wonka gave them a few tests, every time there would be a child failed. Charlie was the last Children. He passed all the test so Mr. Wonks gave him his factory. This book uses simple and easy English so it’s very good for children. And also if someone like me, which didn’t have very good English reading skill, this book is also a very good choice.

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    I love the imagination inside charlie and the chocolate factory and like that Willy Wonka tried to find the lest rotten kid. By giving out those golden tickets even grown ups wanted to get them. Charlie and the 4 other kids had to prove that they were worthy to get the big prize. Charlie shows at the end that he really isn’t a rotten kid by not giving up his family for chocolate when the other 4 would have.

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    I gave this book 5 points, because it was very interesting and fun. I read it when I was 7 years older.I also watched the movie of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. But, the book seems more interesting than the movie. This story is about a poor boy named Charlie. His family was very poor. Luckily, he found the last Golden ticket. He went to the chocolate factory to meet Mr. Wonka with his grandfather. Mr. Wonka gave Charlie and three other children the test. Charlie is the only one who passed, because the other children did something that they should not do. Mr. Wonka told Charlie he was too old, so Charlie and his family will be the new owner of this big chocolate factory. I like it very much, and i think it’s a very good book.

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    Charlie and the chocolate factory is a very interesting book, I like the story of this book, it’s full of imagination. When I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop reading it. The book has a good ending, the bad kids got their punishments, and Charlie got his reward (The whole Chocolate Factory).

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    Charlie and the Chocolate factory, in my opinion has become a “Classic” and its filled with imagination. Its loved author, and its loved plot gives a new twist into a adults ideas, because a adult wrote a quite creative book. Charlie, a young poor boy meets himself with 4 other undeserving kids, who undervalue their chances. A kid can read through this, and understand the entire plot, even as a good book to read for class. Charlie proves himself right, while Augustus Gloop, a fat boy ends up in a pipe, and so on the kids keep falling into mischief. The Oompa Loompas, are a breed we should never forget. They are shy, timid, small and lastly lets not forget funny. All of the 5 kids (Not Charlie, though listed) get out of the tour, one way or the other. Charlie, the small boy finished off with the chocolate factory as his reward, since Willy Wonka reached his retirement stage. The adventures of Charlie and the Chocolate factory continues in the 2nd book, Charlie and the great glass elevator. A movie has been made, and it was quite nice, and detailed like the book. I gave this a five star, because of its high amount of humor, rhymes, drawings (Although in black and white) and lastly, because of its language used.

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    one of my favorite book! 🙂 This book will make you to LOVE chocolates lol. there is also a movie. Movie is nice but i think the book is better. This book is full of imagination and if you like a book with imagination, maybe you can read this book or other books by Roald Dahl.

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    This book is mysterious, knowledgable, humorous at the same time, it is about moderation, respect, and conscientious . Violet turned into a “giant blueberry”because she didn’t listen to Willy Wonka, all the other kids except Charlie turned into something really silly because of that reason(MY FAVORITE PART).However the ending was a little to ordinary so I think it’s a bit boring.

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    “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is by the Arthur Roald Dahl. I really like the arthur Roald Dahl and all his books because i think they are all very interesting and one of my favourite Roald Dahl books is “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. I also very like the book “BFG” too. i read almost all the books that Roald Dahl has wrote. Once my teacher in Grade 3 read to us “the BFG”. Then my teacher in Grade 4 read to us Charlie and the Chocolate Factory And we even saw the higher grade students performing it! i really like this book and i have read the chinese version of it too.

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    This book is about a huge chocolate factory with five children touring it. Mr. Wonka, the owner of the factory, is passing on the factory to whichever children is left at the very end. As the walked, four of the kids got in trouble and left. The only one at the end was a poor kid named Charlie Bucket. He inherited the factory from Mr. Wonka and they went to move the rest of his family.

    This book’s factory was my childhood dream, like, eatable leaves and flowers and a river of chocolate! After i read this book ( at about 3/4 grade ), I gave a hard time to my parents by asking them at Christmas to take me to Mr. Wonka’s factory. I even named one of my stuffed animals after it, calling it “Wonka”. This book uses easy, creative, descriptive writing and even though the pics were all black and white, it grabs my mind and forms the picture instantly. It’s awesome for 2-6 grade kids!

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    The book Charlie and the chocolate factory is very creative and interesting. I think I read this book when I was in grade 3 or 4. I watched the movie too, but I think the book is much better than the movie! This book is about the owner of the chocolate factory Mr Wonka wanted to test 5 children, the one passed the test can be the next owner of the chocolate factory. The children that found the 5 Golden tickets can go to the test. A boy named Charlie luckily found the last Golden ticket. So, he went to the text with his grandfather. At the last, only Charlie passed the test, because the other 4 children were very greedy.

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    I think the book Charlie and the chocolate factory is a very interesting and fun book. It is about a poor boy name Charlie found the last golden ticket that can go to Mr Wonka’s chocolate factory. Mr Wonka wants to test those children, if they pass, they can get the chocolate factory. Charlie is the only one who pass the test. Because other children all did something that they should not do.

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    This is an amazing book, about a boy called Charlie, and he is having fun with Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory with other kids that came, even tho Charlie was poor, he still got the last golden ticket. Willy Wonka just wants to test these children, that way he will know when he dies who he will give the factory to.

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    charlie and the chocolate factory a classic in Roald Dahl books, the story is full of imagination and creativity. the owner of the chocolate factory is willy wonka they send out 5 golden tickets rapped in normal chocolates,and the five children who get the ticket can go inside and visit the factory.
    finally the day came the five children is Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee and of course charlie. four other children were all out of the “game”, charlie was left. willy wonka surprised him that he won the factory. charlie refused because he can’t take his family, and made willy wonka realized how important family was.
    the last charlie got the factory, and willy wonka won family.

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    I think that this book is really great, it tells a story about a young buy became successful that he does not get distracted by other things thats not good. It also reflects what you need to do in real life. I really like this book a lot.

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    I this this is a cool book and i really like the book a lot. The story is about a poor little boy who live in a poor house and he can only eat one cocolate a year and he can not even eat well. But he is very Lucky that he got one out of the five golden ticket. He is a Being good all the time. And that the end he need to make a Decision which is to chocie the geatest and the biggest cocolate fartory of the world or his family. Of course he had the right choice which is to tocie the people he loves and he also teached Mr. Wonka an cool lessen.

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    This book is about a boy named charlie who got the golden ticket to visit the Chocolate factory. together with charlie was 2 girls and 2 boys. they began their tour with Willy Wonka. the children were fascinated by what they saw as soon as they entered the factory, flowers and trees made of candy, a big waterfall of running chocolate, and the most fascinating thing are the little people who are the helpers in the factory. but one by one, all the kids except charlie got their punishment because of a bad behavior, and at last, carlie got the whole factory to himself for reward.

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    The Bad Beginning, it is written by Lemony Snicket.
    I rated this book for 4 stars.
    – In the story everything looks kind of stupid and a bit funny that the flowers, trees and all other objects are CANDY!!!!
    – Fun book
    – The way he gets the tour around the factory
    – Generally interesting
    – I don’t recommend to read again
    – I want to watch the movie in support to the book!

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    This book is a book full of imagines and creative.It was a new and fantastic idea to make a chocolate factory to a background, but i think this story is normal.I like the interior inside the chocolate factory, especially the big waterfall runs with chocolate.

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    This is a very “classic” book, I think almost every children, or even every teenagers knows it. When I’m reading it, I often laugh with the characters! Anyway, this is a very funny and interesting book.
    The story is about a boy named Charlie who was born in a very poor family; one day, he surprisedly got a chance to visit the biggest Chocolate factory on the world — Wonka’s Chocolate factory. There were 4 other annoying children with Charlie too, but at last, they all went home with a bunch of accident and there only left Charlie and his grandpa. In Wonka’s Chocolate factory, there were grass and dirt made of different kinds of candy, a huge waterfall full with running chocolate, and even different kinds of crazy candies! At last, Willy Wonka gave Charlie the entire factory and his whole family moved into the chocolate factory.

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    I like this book because I like Roald Dahl very much. I read James and the giant peach when I am 8. After that, I more books from Roald Dahl. I find this book in my home, so I start to read it. This book taught me a lesson. Even you are poor even you are rich, you have the same change to be the lucky one.
    PS: If you have lot of money, maybe you can make things easier.

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    Charlie is a poor and lucky boy. And there’ re also really interesting things in the book. Like other three unlucky kids’ s things. And the chocolate factory is really amazing, and there is some things like short human, it has a long long name. i can’t remenber.

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    Charlie and the chocolate factory is a very good book. This book tells the this book tells the story of five children to participate in the chocolate factory the last hero is Charlie. Charlie is a boy that live with his grandparents and parent.They are very poor and they live in a small wooden house on the edge of a great town. Carlie’s father is the only one have work to do.
    Mr.Wonka has a very big chocolate factory .He Invites all the kids but you must find the golden ticket .Charle finds the golden ticket and visit Mr.Wonka’s chocolate factory.The last one is the winner, and that kid is Charlie.
    Do you want to know what happened in the chocolate factory?Do you want to know how Charlie won?
    Come and see the book!

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    this book tells about a little boy that want chocolate so much, when his birthday came he resive 5 chocolates, he is so happy that every day he only lick the chocolate.
    i like this book because i like how the aother discribe how much that Charlie want the chocolate. and the amazing chocolate factory.

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    Charlie an the Chocolate Factory, a book that Dahl, Roald wrote. Even though I have not finished reading it fully, but I already know that it is a great book, even though written for children below my current age. This book shows much of how you should be like and not be like as a child, and that you should learn lots from this book.

    This book, showing how one of the main character, Willy Wonka, owner of the grand Wonka chocolate factory, has invited 5 anonymous lucky ones who would receive a golden Ticket which will grant them to visiting the chocolate factory for one whole day. In this whole day, 5 children experience all sorts of situations.

    At last, one children succeeded in the chocolate factory, and he received wealth and much more. However, he rejected it, but at last, he received something even better than all of it.

    Read this book and find out! See what you could receive from it… knowledge, riches, satisfactory, or anything else?

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    Willy Wonka announced to show his chocolate factory to people who found the golden ticket. There are only five golden tickets, fortunately poor charlie found one of the ticket. during the 5children who visited the factory watching the factory, due to their exhibitionist they caused lots of problem.
    I saw both book and movie, they were really interesting. i recommend this book to people who are searching some interesting books.
    Come and see this book!!! you will not regret!!

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    It was a very interesting story about cool thing. Do you like chocolate? Of course you do, this is a story about amazing chocolate and cool rhymes. It is a kind of funny story also, I could not have imagined that Charlie could get the chocolate factory at last, it was impossible, and it was an amazing book.
    Well the story was about Mr. Willy Wonka Mr. and Ms. Bucket, grandpa Joe and grandma Josephine, grandpa George and grandma Georgina also Charlie bucket the hero.
    The story begins in a very small wooden house and the four old grandparents telling Charlie stories about the chocolate factory and they said there are spies in it so he let all the workers go away. But the factory still works! The next day Mr. Willy Wonka the factory maker suddenly told them that there are 5 golden tickets in the whole chocolates and any body got it can visited the factory and Charlie bucket got one, when Charlie bucket was very good, Mr. Wonka give the factory to him!

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    This book is about an imaginary story. I think in the book, it tells us Willy Wonka made a ice cream that wouldn’t melt in hot summer days, I think that’s crazy and little bit fake. I think Charlie is a unfortunate boy. Because he loves to eat chocolate, but his family is poor, so he only can get a chocolate per year, but he is living near by Willy Wonka’s factory, so he could smells the milky chocolate everyday, however, he couldn’t tastes it, that’s awful. Well, in the end of the book, Charlie’s family’s life become better and better. The rising action of this book is not very clear, but it does have a happy ending.

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    I like this book very much. When I finish chapter 10, I just what to read chapter 11 and more. The story attracts me and I can feel the funny writing pull me in the story.
    The story is interesting for me. Sometime when I am reading, I can see how fat Augustus is and how excited was Buckets when Charlie was taking off the wrapper. I love those characters in this story, they are funny and the writer’s narrator is funny, too.
    When I finished chapter 10, my favorite character is Charlie because from my reading I think Charlie is a kind, caring and cleaver boy.

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    The story is really funny and this story let me be scary sometime because i will think what will happened next. my favorite character is Charlie and Weili·wangka because charlie is a really kine kid and Weili·wangka is smart and humor. My favorite chapter is chapter 11 because I’m really happy that Charlie get the ticket. Also i love this story .

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    Of course, Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The most classic one. Kids love this book . The book is about Mr. Wonka and five chosen children, to go into his factory and “visit” it.
    Dahl, Roald was very successful on this book. The story is good, every thing just perfct

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    This book is a great book. It is about the visiting of five kids in wonka’s factory. In the factory, the bad kid get in troble, and the good kid got a prize.

    In this book, althor put a lot of imagnation into the story, such like the vitaming candy that can make people’s toa grow as long as their finger, Oompa-Loompa that are singing all the time. It was the funniest children book I have ever read.

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    This book is defiantly a classic book and really easy to read and understand. This book is also really “educational”, because in the book, it tells us you deserve what you did; just like the 5 kids. Mike, the boy which loves watching TV, and apparently insane; Verruca, the girl which live in the rich family, and she wants to be No.1 for everything, which is not possible; if you read the book, you will find out how poor are they at the end. My favorite character is Charlie, he is a plain, sensible and honest boy. He never lies to his family and friends; and he never seeks luxurious demands.

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    This is my second favourite Roald Dahl’s book, and the reason I like it is because its using amazing words described the characteristic of the nasty children. Mr.Dahl put lots of imagination in it I can wonder everything in my head, I like Charlie very much cause he is really nice to everybody, his family is poor so they can’t give him everything he wants, so Charlie know how to cherish, not like other children who had been spoiled in the book, I hated the girl called Verruca, she uses her parent’s money and order them like they are her maid. I really hate when people do that to their parents.

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    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Although I’ve read it long times ago, our English class was currently reading it, so I will also write a book review for it.

    It’s not so hard for beginners of English learning, there’s lots of pictures on each page, therefore it is really easy to be understood. It’s a great book, since many people above have praised it, I want to talk about some defect of this book. (PERSONAL OPINIONS)

    Actually, I think it’s the worst book of all Roald Dahl’s. All the Roald Dahl books are based on the unpredictable plot and the incredible setting. In this book, the setting is fabulous, about a “Closed-and-secret” chocolate factory, it could be a good story. Unfortunately, the plot is what disappointed me. First, about exposition, it talked about how poor is Charlie’s family, of course, how nice and kind is Charlie. Charlie seems to contain all the good personalities, and that informed the reader directly that HE IS THE PROTAGONIST.

    Then, when there’s news about the opening factory, and only 5 chances, I JUST KNEW that Charlie would get one no matter how ridiculous does the method seems, why? He is the protagonist. The chance of 1/1.3 billion, how lucky is he?

    Further more in the factory, when other ones are busy messing up with the things in the factory, only our little Charlie is well-behaved and respectful, which, I consider the author wants to give us the feeling that “The good child will win”…

    In these cases, I think the book does not go as well as the movie, the conflicts of the protagonist is too little, therefore it does not seem natural. Even, kind of tacky. Overall, I think other books of Roald Dahl’s are better.

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