5 thoughts on “L’Engle, Madeleine – A Wrinkle in Time

  1. Profile photo of Karmia OlutadeKarmia Olutade

    This was my favourite book in sixth grade. It was the first time I put down a novel and felt thoroughly shaken. To this day, I still vividly remember the scene of Meg happening upon that town where everything was conformist and the children bounced their balls at the same rhythm. Gives me goosebumps still.

    I highly recommend it to anyone of any grade level. Push through the first three chapters or so and things will begin to get really interesting.

  2. Profile photo of Sophie ZhangSophie Zhang

    This book is the book that i picked up and read for three hours and never put down. The topic is so interesting. Instead of what I’d imagined ( Something like jumping from time periods to time periods), it’s about a family of kids going with angel old ladies to rescue their father. The old lady’s names were really funny too: Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs.Why and Mrs.Who. It carved out a different area for me in my knowledge of fiction stories. It’s like nothing I’d seen before

  3. Profile photo of Tina HanTina Han

    A wrinkle in time is a magnificent book that you must read.
    At first, when I started reading, i thought it was one of these fictional stories about traveling in time, but this book was nothing like that. Meg, a little girl whose dad was lost in the end of time, had to rescue her father with her intelligent little brother and three other old ladies who had lived for thousands of years. at first there were lots of scientific terms like “Tesseract”, which is a four an dimensional space where you can travel in time, and you may be confused or misunderstand. but while reading the book, you will discover it is interesting and full of imaginary creatures, and this book actually talks about love and friendship.
    you can’t put down this book easily if you start reading it, so read this fascinating book!

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