4 thoughts on “Fitzgerald, F.S. – The Great Gatsby

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    Once, I wrote an article regarding why Gatsby is so great. Gatsby is actually a very stupid man. This whole book is about a man who dreams of ending his unrequited love with a girl name Daisy — who happens to have a husband. It’s quite dramatic. Read it!

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    This book is mainly about a man called Gatsby, who fall in love with a pretty woman named Daisy, and in order to look for her after they separated, he tried and succeeded becoming a rich man. In my opinion, Gatsby some how exaggerates people in his memory, for I thought Daisy is not worth Gatsby effort.

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    The Great Gatsby is a great book that is set from long time ago about a man who is trying to find out about another man, and the other man says he works for the government. This book is an exciting book with lots of characters and most of the characters are cool.


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