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    The Book Club recently has been reading this book. It’s not a difficult read. It is a science fiction. Personally, I kind of like this author and respect her because her books are so well-written. I also read Number the Stars, which is written by this author. This book teaches you about the importance of individuality, emotions, and freedom of choices. I recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction and (as Ms. Zori said) “apples”.

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    This book shows contract between sameness and independents, in my opinion, The universe is infinity large, and every object in the universe that we can see is infinity small, nearly to nothingness. I’m not “me”, and I’m also not “not me”, there is no duality between me and the universe. But even though we are almost nothing in the universe, we are every thing in the universe.

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    This book might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but when it gets to the 3rd chapter or so, you get sucked into this book and can’t get out of it. This book is such a good book that I would recommend to every one who needs to start reading a new book.

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    I liked the idea of this book, but some of the author’s ideas contradicted previous ideas. The ending was quite confusing and unclear, as I found may possible endings for the meaning of this ambiguous ending. I found it quite interesting the idea of ‘communities’ and how many beliefs have changed in this ‘utopian’ setting. One of the themes in this book is the sacrifices we make, and also how life would be without one of the things that makes we humans…human. Art. It is one of the many things that differentiates us from animals. How many monkeys have you seen painting? How many dogs have you seen composing music? The suspense in this novel piles up like an overfilled jug of water.

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    (This is a book review I wrote not long ago)
    When I was ten years old, my aunt gave The Giver to me as my birthday gift, and I kept leaving it untouched on my bookshelf. I moved on to seventh grade, people around me kept on commenting on how good the book is. But to me, the book had always seemed a bit childish. Come on, it is on every sixth-grade-must-read list. Eighth grade came, and my math teacher told me this is a worthwhile read. Summer was about to start, so I thought, “Why not?” She gave me a copy of The Giver during a standardized test, and told me I could take it home to read. And so I did.
    Somehow, this time, I couldn’t wait to read it. I started to read the book on the bus home, despite the fact that I almost threw up from the dizziness. I was really desperate to prove that this book was just a childish-want-to-be-philosophical treatise.
    I was wrong.
    I was so freaking wrong.
    And I publicly apologize now to whomever recommended this book to me in the past, and whom I scoffed at.
    This book beautifully illustrates why God gave us freedom of choice. Or why freedom of choice is worth fighting for. We’ve seen people fight for their freedom in almost all the chapters in history. Though in those years, when civilizations rose and fell, people made wrong choices, and we can all clearly see today how those decisions had impacted local wars, worldwide wars, and amoral failures. When these tragedies happen, we ask ourselves if we should make decisions at all, when we have such complicated and twisted minds? Through our freedom we have slowly destroyed the incredible world the Creator has created for us. But the alternative, which is skillfully portrayed in The Giver, is fascinating, and terrifying at the same time.
    As a teenager, I can understand how the main character feels. The central message of this book, in my opinion, is that as a human being it is okay to feel. People with power can not hide from children, who will grow up and eventually realize that people are not as good, and many things the community does isn’t as perfect, the secret truth is revealed. If we look at our world today, it is filled with such hatred, malice, and cruelty. Does it hurt? Yes! Of course it does! Why does it hurt? Family. It hurts because we are a family; we are connected in a way which we can’t describe.
    It had been a while since I finished the book, but I still can’t put my feelings into words.
    Finding myself being lulled by the peace, order, safety and serenity of Jonas’ world; being awakened by the sickening thud of reality’s steel-toed boot in the gut, leaving both Jonas and me breathless and disoriented in the aftermath. This story is haunting and powerful. The realization that Jonas’ new knowledge gives him is almost terrifying. This is not a happy-ending, not a feel-good read. Although I suppose it could be for those who read books without truly experiencing them, but I don’t know how to do that, so for me it was a painful experience.
    There are really a lot of ways a person can precept this book; it depends on how you want to understand it, or how it fits with your life. Finishing this book took shorter than I thought, I finished it in one day, and I gave the book back the next day with such satisfaction. I am happy that I haven’t procrastinated any longer, I finished it in time. Everybody reads it, and there is one thing that it will teach you and leave tattooed upon your mind. Don’t be afraid to feel. Don’t be afraid to wonder, or to challenge the world. That’s people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, or Einstein felt.

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    This books goes on to show the contrast between individuality and sameness. The society kept the people in this safe little bubble, creating an illusion of a perfect utopian setting. As the main character goes to find out, making everything identical and safe doesn’t always help make them happy.

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    I rated it a five star. Again. But it deserves it. This year’s book club, we are reading the giver and discussing it. The first few chapters, you might find the book very boring. But when you actually read into it, you are taken into the book. The book talks about ” the ability to see beyond”. Linked to real life, it criticizes that some people may not see that there is something special in everyone. Personally, I think is a great book involving many things you can learn in life. But it can appear in many forms. It you only read it, it just might be a fiction novel. If you read it a think, connecting it to real life etc, it may be also life’s greatest lesson.

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    It was from some article that I read that said the Giver was written very nicely, though the idea was not very original. I don’t see the same problem that much with critics that are reviewing Divergent. They share many things, such as a closed society in which they force you to act in a certain way, by forcing you to think in a certain way. And both authors try to tell the readers how thoughts and emotions cannot be controlled through force.

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    This book deserves a five star rating. The Giver is a interesting story about a boy called Jonas, he lives in an society free of crime, danger and sadness. At the age of 12, they will be assigned for different jobs, which they will train for and do for the rest of their lives. Everything is chosen for them, family, name, and even their partners. Jonas was chosen to be the “Memory keeper”, where he was trained and received all good and bad memories.
    This society is free from all negative thoughts, from the moment a baby is born, a whole life is planned out for you, all you have to do is live it. This book really let us think about certain things which might seem bad, but when you come across it, you learn from it. We have the right to have feelings, to love or hate. If we ever choose the wrong decision, there is always a chance correct it, even when there is a terrible consequence left for you. We learn from mistakes. With no choice, joy is removed. Everyday would be the same, you wouldn’t be looking forward to anything, no surprises, no excitement.
    The ending of the book is also another aspect which makes the book interesting to read. The ending doesn’t say what really happened to Jonas and Gabriel, it makes the readers think about the book and the meaning behind it. We know for sure that whatever happens to him, it is still better than the life he had in the community.

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    This book deserves to have five stars and to be read by everyone. This could be the life’s greatest lessen of all. You may find this book boring to read in the first few pages but as you begin to read the climax part, the story gets interesting, thrilling and you will never ever get your hands off of this book. I recommend this book to everyone. READ IT, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT

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    The giver describes a fair world with sameness and equality. Although its fair for everyone, its boring, at least for me. There’re no colors, no feelings, no excitements. This book is commanded to anyone who has an interest on the society and what’s around us. If you try to feel how boring the life in the novel is, you will think that your life is so much better. People need memories, they can’t always escape from the unhappiness. I think in real life, life is the giver, it gives us everything. Life teaches us what’s happy and what’s sad; what’s good and what’s bad….etc. It’s a good book, and just read it.

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    This book tells a story about a boy called Jonas living in a society that everyone is the same. When they become 12 years old, they will be assigned to different jobs. He lives a life that everything of him is chosen by other people before he gets assigned to be the receiver of memory. He starts to realize the colors of objects around him and starts to have feelings. This book teaches a lesson to everyone about sameness or individuality, and inside the book, sameness is a way to protect people from having sad feelings or war. I think the idea of the book is quite new and interesting. Everyone should read it and it deserves a five star rating.

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    Book review
    Have you ever imagined what a community would be like with no hatred, grief, pain, as well as love, and happiness? This is the community of Jonas, the main character of the book The Giver. At the age of 12, he was chosen to be the receiver of memory. By receiving the memories of the past from the giver, he starts to learn what life used to be, when emotions and feelings still existed. After realizing that the community is meaningless, He decided to sacrifice himself to save his friends and family. Did he succeed in the end? Did the members in the community feel the emotions eventually? Read The Giver to find out.

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    The Giver
    The Giver has to be my favorite book that i have read. The setting and the plot of the story is just fantastic the climax of the story completely blew my mind. The story is based on a boy called Jonas who lives in a world that doesn’t have any emotional feelings, everyone has to follow rules, Also eliminating Pain and Strife and converting it into “Sameness”. So Jonas was given to be the Receiver of Memory which is the person who stores all the memories of the past before sameness started, and he accepted to be the Receiver of the memory and something Magical happened and I’m not going to tell you what it is. Go find out your self go read the book man or woman or boy or girl or germ I don’t know but just do Because I really think you will enjoy the book.

    Anyways if I was gonna give this book a 10/10 i would give it a 10/10 HHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA 😀 anyways go read the book to find out what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is the BEST BOOK I have read so far in my WHOLE LIFE! This book makes you more eager to read on and I suggest this book to anyone, at any age. (Well, of course not toddlers I meant whoever knows how to read these kind of books) So try to grab this at the library and you will not regret!!!

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    The Giver

    This book was written by Lois Lowry, published on September.10th.2002. This is a humanity and science fiction, the speed of growth of the plot is very slow, so you need to be patient to finish this book.
    Our main character is Jonas, he lived in a society that is completely different from the world we are living now. People have forgotten a lot of important things, because they think it is painful and useless to remember. But people doesn’t want to forgot them, so they give all the memories to one person, and that person will give the memories to the next person. Therefor, there is a giver that gives memories, and there is an accepter, who’s duty is to accept all the memories.
    Jonas was chosen to be an accepter, he began to understand more and more things than the people that lives in the community. He understands pain, family, love… He knew that others will only let him to carry all these burdens, so he decided to leave the community, and he begun an adventure to hope…
    I actually stopped reading at the very begging of the story, because the growth of the plot is very slow in the begging, therefor, I spend a lot of time to finish this book. But I highly recommend this book. The story told us the importance of family and love, and to maintain it around you.

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    Book review
    A boy called Jonas lives in a community where there are no real emotion or pain and no hunger or animals and colours, there are only black and white. When he was twelve he was chosen as receiver of memory, the giver gave him memories of the past and told him to never share them with others.

    But one day Jonas and an infant called Gabriel escaped to a place that has animals, colour, and hunger.
    I really like this book, but you have to read for self to find out why they escaped.

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    This book is about a boy called Jonas, and he is living in a place where they took away all the things that makes problems, such as snow, love, war, poverty and much much more. There is one man, or woman, called the giver, and one called the reciever. The giver, and only the giver, as access to all the memories, good and mad. Jonas is made reciever, the one who recieves the memories, and the book tells us his adventure.

    I really liked this book, and i dont know why but i felt like maybe someday this might happen. I was not scared, but i just felt like this might happen someday, and i really reccomend this book to everyone. Everyon should read this book.

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    This book is interesting, and it gives the reader a strong feeling about life and choice. I think it’s a good book. The main character in the book was been well described. The main character was called Jonas, he lived in a perfect community that everyone didn’t have choice, and the community didn’t have colour or music. When Jonas was twelve, he was chosen to be the receive of the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. After he knew the truth, he decided to escape. I think he died at the end, but my mom thinks he found the happiness. I think you should read this book.

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    This story is about a boy called Jonas living in a community where there is no feeling or emotion or pain or anything else and where people cannot see colors. when Jonas was that the ceremony of 12 he was selected the job of receiver of memory, which is a very honored job, in which the person have to receive all memories from the previous receiver. When Jonas received nearly all his memory, he figured out it was quite stupid to only have one person to have emotions and feelings after he saw a tape-record of the releasing a baby which means to kill the person in question. he decided is that everybody should have emotions, so he decided to run away from the community and then he reached another community. the previous receiver who calls himself the giver was it left behind too assist the frighten crowd of the sudden income of such emotions and memories. and then Jonas and a baby who was about to be released and road away to another community.

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    I feel that it’s very brave of him to break so many rules in order to help the people in the community realize that they are very stupid to make them all the same and how important emotions and feelings are judging by the fact that his father, who works at the nurturing center, killed a child was not any emotions and without any remorse.

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