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    I like how the Author creates a scene that is both sad and a bit humorous. I like how the book is.narrated, ‘specially in the perspective that it is narrating in, as it is humorous and…unique. I really like how realistic the characters are, and what a detail-rich portrayal of Nazi-occupied Germany it offers. The Child-hood antics of Liesel Meminger and Rudy ‘Jesse Owens’ Steiner will make you smile, while the treatment of Jews will wipe that smile clean of your face like a rag cleaning some droplets formed on a window. Irony is a common subject In this book, and, unlike other Nazi-related books, I sort of like how the main plot of the book does not focus on Adolf Hitler or Winston Churchill.
    It focuses on the life of Himmel Street, and the life of mild-mannered Franz Hubermann and his hot-tempered wife, Rosa Hubermann, and about the life, of Liesel Meminger, until she was fourteen years of age. There are many unsuspecting plot twists and turns in this maze of a story, an each revelation will, like a magician performing tricks, entrance you.

    This book will make you laugh and cry, with conflicting emotions.

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    The Book Thief

    This book was written by Markus Zusak, published on August.2007. It was about a girl’s life in Germany during the WWII, it’s like a story using a person’s life to define history.
    Personally, I think it’s a nice book. The story is very touching, and sad, it has fully showed the sadness of the war. The funniest thing is the story in the book was told by “the death”, for example, “the death” said he knew a little girl whose name is Liesel, because he took her brother’s life in this case, “the death” know the little girl. Our main character is Liesel Meminger, a girl that has lost her families.
    She likes reading a lot, she lives with her foster father, who’s job is a painter. Her foster father teaches her by reading and other methods in their basement. This little girl always tries to find more and more books, like steal, pick or even take it from the books that German soldiers wants to burn, therefor, this little girl got a nickname——the book thief.
    The story advocate peace and anti-discrimination. From the story we can see that war brings death, and hopelessness. The discrimination of the Jews are really serious, the German soldiers whip and abuse the Jews, and kill them all.
    I really recommend this book, one of the reasons is because the purport of the story is very important——peace. Without peace, our world will be distorted by it self, so let us cherish peace, and bring it to our world!

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