FRANKENSTEIN: Speech and Debate Performances


Friday, November 14th. A chilly greenhouse was about to be warmed up by a set of blistering performances from the speech and debate club, who had kindly agreed to lend us their talents as a part of the 1 School, 1 Book month.
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A big thank you to all the members of the speech and debate club who performed:

  • Debate: Julian Chien and Sydney Liang vs. Karen Lee and Kevin Tao
  • Oral Interpretation: Sophie He, Kevin Chan and Brian Ma
  • Performance: Angel An, Caitlin Du, Chris Fan, Aisha Jun and Sonya Kim
  • Emcees: Jessica Chien, Alina Temutsilekhu, Tina Han and Cherry Yan

And special congratulations to Angel An, winner of the t-shirt raffle for week two!


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