Dahl, Roald-Matilda

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Matilda applies her untapped mental powers to rid the school of the evil, child-hating headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, and restore her nice teacher, Miss Honey, to financial security.

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  1. Profile photo of Teresa SHINTeresa SHIN

    First of all, I like the characters in this book. Second of all I like her super power 😀 This book has lots of detailed description; easy to draw picture in your head even without pictures. It is definitely fantasy, and the story is very funny/exciting/enjoyable. 🙂

  2. Profile photo of Sophie Runpei HeSophie Runpei He

    Review for the Book Battle thingy
    What in the world can make someone not love an extremely smart and cute little girl? Apparently, in this case her very own parents does not. So in revenge, she play pranks on her parents. But in school, she is recognized as a very intelligent child by her teacher, Ms. Honey. But she is not able to move up in levels because the manager of the school is very mean. As she slowly develops her super power (I am to not spoil this story for all of you whom would like to go read this book), the story comes to an happy ending.
    I am not that in love with this book because the story was slightly fake and the setting was not as natural. It does not really make sense why those parents (especially Matilda’s father who loves getting money, in this case through using a trick and selling old cars) raise Matilda well and make her earn money for them. That is going to make Matilda worth much more and it is going to make more sense than those parents hating Matilda.
    But this book is worth reading because no matter how bad the situation is, one day it will get better and everything will just turn out fine. Those who make their money out of evil will get evil and those who tried hard in the end will get hope, love and an amazing family. THis also teaches us that teachers are also helpful and and teach us many things in life. THey can also help us through difficult times. THis also teaches us try to not make money or anything that might harm other people because those things always back fires onto you.

  3. Profile photo of ValeriaValeria

    I really like the story of Matilda. It encouraged me to read more books in the hope that i would get a mind moving power. I like how it starts when she first gos to the library when she writes her name in the mashed up spinach at just like 5 months.

  4. Profile photo of SparshSparsh

    Matilda is, a cunning and smart girl. Her cleverness isn’t seen by her dumb parents. Since small ages, she has been influenced with books in the towns library. She does not take advantage of her parents wealth. Then, she starts going to school and faces her biggest enemy through the story- The Trunchbull. Aunt of her teacher. Soon, Matilda plots through to make ideas, and finally, levetation reveals the truth. Then, she lives with her teacher.( Happily ever after)

  5. Profile photo of Sophie ZhangSophie Zhang

    Matilda is one of the little girls i always wanted to be since I read the book. She is super smart from first grade. Even though her parents ignores her cleverness and hates her, she finds ways to read by herself and trick them into, looking ridiculous, such as once she but superglue onto her father’s hat and when he had put it on it won’t come off and had to be cut. Then, even more awesome, she gets rid of her principle by using her incredible concentration powers to move the chalk, write words on the board and scares the “Trunchbull” away. I love the way the book is kind of like a funny fairy tale, the way she rescues her poor teacher from the principle.

  6. Profile photo of MartinaMartina

    I give this book four points because this is a very fun book.
    I think Matilda is an extraordinary girl. But her parents think that she is a very naughty girl. Although her parents hates her, she still found out the way to read by herself. Matilda’s teacher helped her very much too. They soon became friends. Matilda trick her parents very much. She use a parrot to made her father scared.Her principle is a very mean woman. Her teacher told her about the principle. Matilda used her incredible concentration powers to move the chalk and write words on the board to get rid out the principle and scared the principle away and made the principle to tell the true. Her father lied for the money so they go to another country to hind, but Matilda left and live with her teacher forever.`

  7. Profile photo of SelinaSelina

    Matilda is a very smart girl, she like to read very much. But all her family think she is very naughty. But her teacher help her, she is the only one who know how smart Matilda is. Matilda has a incredible concentration power, and she use her incredible concentration power to help her teacher and scared the bad principle. I think this is a really fun and interesting book.

  8. Profile photo of LindaLinda

    This book Matilda is a very interesting and funny book. I really like it so I’ll give this book a five.
    Matilda is a very smart girl since she was small, but her parents think she is naughty and they did not like her. She love to read a lot, and she has an incredible concentration power. Her teacher helped her, and she is the only one who know how clever Matilda is. Matilda used her incredible concentration power scared the mean principle, and also helped her teacher.

  9. Profile photo of AliceAlice

    This book is very interesting! I read it about 3 times! The most important reason that why I like this book so much is because of the mean character — Matilda. She was so clever and funny; also, her “magic” was so amazing!
    The story was about how did the clever girl Matilda use her “magic” and helped her lovely teacher to scared the ,in principle. Matilda, this super clever girl was very smart since she was small, but her parents didn’t like her at all! She loved to read, and as we know, she had an incredible power.
    If you’re interested about this book. go read it know!

  10. Profile photo of BruceTangBruceTang

    this book Matilda is ver interesting. because that there is a lots of funny thing happen in this story. the thing that amazed me is that she can finish a adult book in like one week and know every information in that book, she is a genius and she can caudate a number even faster than her dad.
    i like this book.

  11. Profile photo of EmeraldEmerald

    Book Review——Matilda
    Our famous writer Mr. Roald Dahl, the book I read is called Matilda. Matilda actually has a super power she is not a common human. Her family is bad, her father is selling the car (in a really bad way). I like the way writer describe the Characters and the speech. I have read this book many times, until now still not boring!
    The character I like is Matilda, she is intelligent and smart, but actually the bandmaster of the school is so bad, she did not even see how great is Matilda’s study. The teacher, Ms. Honey is a kind woman, she knows everything happen to Matilda and she helped her to solve the problems.

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