I, Frankenstein: What did you think?

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 09.56.35Thanks to everyone who came to watch the movie on Friday. What did you think? Did it build on the original Frankenstein story in an interesting way? Or were you disappointed?

What rating would you give?
[Total: 5    Average: 2.8/5]

14 thoughts on “I, Frankenstein: What did you think?

  1. Profile photo of Mr HaysomMr Haysom Post author

    I’ve given the movie two stars. I think the idea of having Frankenstein survive into modern times was potentially interesting, and they did explore some of the themes of the original book.
    But then it felt like they had really made two separate movies and smooshed them together: I didn’t think the war between the gargoyles and demons was particularly original, and I would have preferred to have more focus on Frankenstein himself!

  2. Profile photo of Yash NairYash Nair

    I think that this movie had pretty bad effects, and the plot was bit…predictable. Some Parts were missing, like why did Adam (Frankenstein’s Monster) help humanity? I mean, what did humanity do for him? They kept rejecting him. Also, some parts were cliqued, like the ending. The Plot was still a bit interesting, but I do feel that it could be improved. The Demons resembled Vampires, for some reason.

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