‘One School, Two Books’ Month

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Remember ‘1 School 1 Book’ Month in November? Well, this March it’s back! But this time it’s…

 ‘1 School, 2 Books’ Month!

Again, we are just going to be reading one title, and this time it is Jackal and Wolf (红豺) by Shen Shixi (沈石溪). But this time you have the choice of reading it in the original Chinese, or the English edition! We encourage you to choose the version that will be the most challenging for you personally – or, if you’re really feeling adventurous, try reading both!

The novel describes the life of a she-jackal named Flame, and Sweetie – the wolf cub she unwittingly ends up adopting (so-named because Flame was originally saving her to eat as a tasty snack). Unlike other animal stories you may have read, this is an unsentimental (and occasionally violent!) portrayal of a struggle for survival in the wild.

As well as reading and discussing the book, we will be exploring the process of translation and engaging in a question and answer session with the English translator, Helen Wang.

If you would like the school to get you a copy of either edition, please drop by and write the library and register your name this week!

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