“The Essence of Senses” & “The Ties of the Madison Street” by Karen Lee

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Don’t you want to take a look at a book your peer wrote? Karen Lee from E10B wrote two novellas for her Personal Project! Romance, historical fiction, and fantasy… ALL of them are in this one book! You can find a copy in the library or download the electronic version (PDF) and read the entire book FOR FREE!
After you’ve finished the book, it’ll be really helpful if you said what part was good, what part was bad, and what could be done better (in terms of the plot, characters, language, format, cover, length, etc.). 
If you have any questions regarding this book, please feel free to email me at karenlee621@gmail.com. Or, you can add me on WeChat (ID: karenlee621) and ask me questions there! 
Please enjoy!

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