Jackal and Wolf: The Ultimate Quiz

“One School, Two Books” month came to an end on March 27th, with champions representing each of the grade 6 to 8 homerooms fighting it out to win pizza (or ice cream cake) for their classmates. After a tense finale it was Angel An from E8D who came out on top, attaining an unsurmountable score of 250 points.

Full rankings:

1st: E8D (250 points)
2nd: E7L (220 points)
3rd: E6K (175 points)
4th: E8S (160 points)
5th: E6H (145 points)
6th: E7J (115 points)
7th: E7H (85 points)
8th: E8Y (10 points)

IMG_3823 IMG_3818 IMG_3820 IMG_3825 IMG_3821

One thought on “Jackal and Wolf: The Ultimate Quiz

  1. Profile photo of Emily ShiEmily Shi

    It’s a really impressive book telling a story of Jackals and wolves, it describes of a true mother living with pain of her family’s death, and love to her “child”. Every time the mother Jackal gets food, she let her child eat first. Every time when they were attacked by the animals, she protects her child even more than herself.
    At last, the mother helped her child to live, but paying her life, with the love of a mother.

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