Plaeun, E. O. – Father & Son

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2 thoughts on “Plaeun, E. O. – Father & Son

  1. Profile photo of Audrey ChenAudrey Chen

    A very touching and humorous graphic novel of stories of a father and a son. Very lovely drawings using bright and simple colors. I think the ending is kind of sad. The father and the son got famous because of their stories in the comic and people all like them very much. They put on similar costumes, get similar haircuts, the kids buy similar kind of toys and people imitate them a lot too. The father and the son both miss the old days when they were just plain normal happy people.
    This book is so wonderful and behind every story it is the love between the father and son. The father loves the son very much even though the son does all sorts of naughty things that annoy him.
    It’s kind of sad the way the book ended, I was crying at the end T0T. But it’s an awesome book and it taught me that no matter where you are or what you are doing or how busy you are, always call home and talk to you parents. They are going to get old someday and they will have no one to talk to and they are going to feel longly. It was such hard work that our parents raised us up and its totally time for us to say our thanks by talk to them more and respect them.

  2. Profile photo of Celestia GaoCelestia Gao

    Father and son is a very interesting book. It is a kind of comics with many vivid pictures. When you read this caricature you will laugh. The book talks about lots of funny scenes and the daily life between a father and his son. The son is quite naughty and always makes some a little trouble for his dad. But sometimes the boy is lovely and does some moving things. It shows us the amusing stories and the love between the father and son at the same time. However the most impressed thing is that the author who finished these funny and soothing pictures, lived in German’s wartime. Knowing of that special social background, I realize the optimistic spirit from this book. It became one of my collecting, I would never been losing interest with it and I even read it times by times for encouraging myself when I am in sadness.

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