Norton, Mary-The Borrowers

The Borrowers by Mary Norton

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  1. Profile photo of Sunny JiaoSunny Jiao

    I’ve read this book since i was 10, i love this book so much that i read it again and again for many many times. Now looking back, i think i meanly love this book that much because i enjoy reading fairy tales and all kinds of magical stories with funny but none existing creatures, just like this one.
    The book is mainly talking about a group of people, in our world named “THE BORROWERS”. They are called so because they “borrow” everything they need in their everyday life from our houses. They are small, no bigger than your thumb, but they are clever and fast. You can barely see them in your life because they are so small and prefer to not be seen.
    The main character of the story is a little Borrower girl called Arrietty, she love to go out borrowing with her dad [Pod] but since girls are not really allowed to go out to borrow, she has to spend most of her time indoor—Under the floor cabinet of Mrs. May’s house. The story begins with the silly mistake of Pod, which caused him to be seen. In traditions, when borrowers are seen, they will emigrate, but then something happened that saved their family from emigrating, i won’t tell what happened next, it’s your own job to read it, so to be continued.
    I think this book is suitable for six and seven graders, or if you’re really good at English grade five or six. It’s going to be a wonderful book for students who love fairytales and magical stories.
    Strongly Recommend.

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