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    ‘You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out. My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse’.
    August (Auggie) Pullman is a 10 year old who dreams of being “ordinary”. He does ordinary things: he eats ice cream; he plays on his Xbox. He feels ordinary-inside. But August is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don’t make ordinary kids run away screaming. Ordinary kids don’t get stared at wherever they go. Born with a terrible facial abnormality, even after 27 surgeries, the main character of “Wonder” bears facial disfigurations so distinctive that people who see him for the first time do “that look-away thing”—that’s if they manage to hide their shock and horror.
    He’s used to the stares and mean comments, but he is petrified when his parents have persuaded him to go into middle school at Beecher Prep rather than being home-schooled. In this book we see the vicious politics of 5th grade popularity play out as August becomes the class bully target and starts a campaign to shun him, culminating in an overnight school trip that ends with— well, you will just have to find out.
    Stories about unusual children who long to fit in can be heart wrenching. At their core lurks a loneliness that stirs fears of isolation and abandonment. But Palicio twisted it and made it so that August has a loving family that many “normal” people lack in life.
    “Wonder” is the story of August’s fifth grade year, told partly from August’s perspective, and party from other characters in his life such as his friends and family.
    “Wonder” is a real tearjerker and a feel-good book with a great message, with true emotions reflected upon each character in the book and layers of twists and surprises that are guaranteed to make you latch onto this book and never let go. I’d recommend it without hesitation to all grades.

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    The book Wonder told us a story about a boy who named August Pullman (Auggie). His life is normal as other children——Except that he has a abnormal face. “Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse”, that’s what he said in the book.
    He get used to all those disgust staring from every stranger. If the people weren’t screaming, then they were trying to hide their surprise looks. But his sister (Oh no, I forgot her name) doesn’t like those looks, she tried to take August as a “totally normal” kid.
    August was home-schooled for a long time——Until his parents persuaded him to go to a middle school at Beecher Prep. At first, it was awful; no one seemed to like him in any kind of way, a lot of people (especially a boy who named Julian) bullied him with his look. But soon, he found one who really wants to be friend with him——Summer. However, August experienced a lot of things (good and bad) in his new life. (There weren’t much “good” things happened before the summer camp; ha ha, it’s a good ending anyway, find out yourself if you want to know.)
    I like the way how the author describe the story——the story was formed through a lot of people’s views (e.g. August himself, Summer, August’s sister…); every character has truly express their emotion, it makes me teary sometimes 🙁

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