Delaney, Joseph-The Spook’s Apprentice

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    Joseph Delaney draws up a dark world with the first book, a world where the dark starts consuming up the world. Witches and boggarts and things that go bump in the night run amok, terrorising the local populace. However, the people of the County have one line of defense-the Spooks.
    Few in number, and shunned by many, the Spooks aren’t exactly welcomed into the County. Some people would shudder at the mere mention of a Spook. However, the Spooks are a necessary addition to the County, keeping it safe from dangers. The life of a Spook, though, isn’t easy. Old Gregory has protected the County for many years. Now, though, he’s getting old, and needs an apprentice.
    However, being a Spook, though, is a whole different matter.
    A Spook must be the Seventh son of a seventh son, and must be brave enough to face all sorts of things. And not many are desperate enough to be a Spook’s apprentice, the job itself being riddled with all kinds of horrifying deaths.
    The Wards own a farm. The Wards have seven sons, with the father of the sons bein a seventh son himself, and he faces the dilemma of finding an apprenticeship for his youngest son, his seventh, Thomas Ward. When the Spook came in, he agreed to take on Thomas Ward as his apprentice. After a night at a haunted house in Horshaw, the childhood home of the Spook, Thomas and the Spook travel to Chippenden, where one of the Spook’s houses are kept.
    At there, Thomas learns about the violent ends that the other previous apprentices of Old Gregory had met. 9 out of 30 had died. The rest…well, most of them left. Thomas Ward, though, felt like he has got a responsibility to carry on with his apprenticeship.
    The book focuses on Thomas Ward’s experiences as an apprentice of the Spook. He faces a particularly malicious witch, Mother Malkin, and decide upon whether or not to trust certain people, and learns how it feels to be a Spook-Spooks aren’t accepted, not even within their own families. However, his mother, Ma’am, his father, and his eldest brother’s wife all are fine with him. His eldest brother, Jack, though, has…some issues with him being in the same house.
    THE SPOOK’S APPRENTICE is a brilliant beginning to an unpredictable long series of books, and the character development is quite impressive. Thomas Ward gradually matures throughout the series, and the numerous plot twists will befuddle you. Pretty much nothing is predictable in THE SPOOK’S series.

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