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    The lost hero
    This book has new characters, Jason, piper, and leo. Jason is the son of Jupiter, Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite, and Leo is a son of Hephaestus. They realize that there are two half-blood camps, Camp Half blood and Camp Jupiter, Percy is gone, and they also realize that Hera, the co. ruler of the heavens, exchanged Jason and Percy’s places to unite the two camps who have been fighting for centuries. At last, they battle giants to save Hera from her cage, and Piper uses charm speak to lull Gaea to sleep.

    This is a totally new and exciting book, fresh, and it is amazing. Rick Riordan made this book even more adventurous than the other books. It gives us a fresh feeling, and i totally recommend it ti everyone!

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    Hey, Thalia and others who read this book! I’ve read the book you commented. It’s a very interesting book I’ve read. It looked a bit like an RPG game that you spectate for the whole book. Until the ending. Though, I didn’t see something very dramatic or something that would’ve excited me to read more of these books if another version and/or someone would’ve made this a series. Anyways, R. Riordan wrote a very good book and I will rate it 4 out of 5.

    + 1) Piper – daughter of Aphrodite, Leo – son of Hephaestus. Both of these characters impressed me with their intelligence and in some places wisdom. They should be smart enough to save Hera.

    +2, +3) The book is based on historical facts that have happened or at least, are recorded as myths. AND it is about mythical characters and “Gods” which is my personal favourite.

    + 4) Totally new, even though I only read this book, but it still amazing and something new in terms of writng.

    – 1) One small negative thing about this book. The illustrations. I agree that it is not the most important part, but the illustrator drew very manky and disgraceful pictures, that it really ruins the story.

    Once again, please add more copies to the library! I read this one online.


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