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    Dear Mr. Henshaw
    By Beverly Cleary
    This book is to descript a little boy, he is writing to an author called Mr. Henshaw.
    In the letter, the boy introduce him self, he’s name is Leigh Botts, his father and mother divorced, so he and his mother move to a smaller house and live happily. He love to read the books that Mr. Henshaw wrote. Then he receive the letter from Mr. Henshaw, so he start to write letter to Mr. Henshaw, he learned that if he want to be a writer like Mr. Henshaw, he must write dairy everyday. Therefore he start to write down he’s life everyday and always write letter to Mr. Heshaw when he miss his dog or his father, it’s seem like when he write to Mr. Henshaw, just like to found a people that can tell the trues.
    When I read this book, I cried, my heart is always changing. I can’t imagine if a boy lost his father, and always missing his father. When he ask his mother about his father, his mother seems sad and very uncomfortable, also, when his father ask his mother if they can get together again, mom said no, even they need another people to help and earn money, his mom never try to find another man.
    I really think the boy is poor, he always sit on the sofa and wait for the telephone from his father. I can’t believe that he can also find many fun from his classmates and friends, maybe because I can’t do it. Yes, actually, he cried, because his father lost his dog, or because he don’t want to see mother so sad. Anyway every time at last he always can be happily because something, I really don’t understand.
    I really like this book, I learn we should be always be positive even we have many bad experiment. It teach me many things, I know I should start to change myself, be more positive.

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    Dear Mr. Henshaw – Beverly Cleary
    A very interesting book about a young individual that writes new and new letters to a stranger called Mr. Henshaw. He started to write those letters since his parents have divorced. I would agree with the previous review because its is extremely sad to lose a parent, especially a father because it’s a predicament that no-one wants to happen.

    I would rate this book 3+ out of 5
    + 1) It describes the little boy (Leigh Botts) as much as possible. That’s a really important part of the writing because it tells us who is the main character, even though he is just a young individual.
    + 2) It tells us Leigh Botts’ background story which is also important to understand the condition in which our character is. Without this point, you would’ve ended up guess why is he writing to Mr. Henshaw.
    + 3) The author makes Mr. Henshaw a mystery, though, someone who is important for the story to exist. Nice piece of mystery.

    – 1) And one BIG BIG BIG minus which really made me rate this book 2 stars lower. The book has no point of start and has no background purpose to be written. It is just a story, nothing else. By this, I mean that books should have some pre-history to their characters. Here we see parents argue, parents divorce, writing to Mr. Henshaw, can’t live without Mr. Henshaw’s letters, the end.

    P.S. I read this book on-line. I couldn’t find this book in the library, or we just have 1 copy of it, please add it to the library!

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