3 thoughts on “Hunter, Erin – Warriors #1: Into the Wild

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    This book is amazing! I love it!! I will give this book 5 stars definitely. The mean character of this book is Firepaw (Rusty), he was a kitty pet. One day, he went to the forest, and met Graypaw, who lived in ThunderClan. Then, he met the leader of ThunderClan Bluestar. Bluestar asked Rusty to join their clan, and Rusty agreed. Bluest told Rusty that after he joined the clan, his life will change. He need to go hunt, catch his own food. Nobody will catch food for him like he’s a kitty pet. He changed him name after he joined the clan, he changed his name to Firepaw. Many interesting things happened between the warriors in ThunderClan.

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    Warriors, a fantasy based book is definetely a book you would be interested to read. Rusty, a small kitty pet ( a house cat) finds himself on the edge of a forest in the dead of night.At this time, only a day or so before, in a battle, tigerclaw kills Redtail in front of tigerclaws apprentice, Ravenpaw, who lees to a farm.. There, he met Graypaw, a apprentice in thunderclan, one of the 5( one is star clan which is the tribes”heaven”. Bluestar, the leader of thunderclan was with graypaw that night. Soon, Rusty changes his name into firepaw, at the rank of a apprentice. Soon, the plot unfolds as clans continue their rivalry and many other adventures the cats make. It’s a fabulous book in my opinion. The oligarchy the cats made were all starting from apprentice, then may become Queens, Warriors, Deputy, Medicene cat, and after this stage, the deputy will become leader after the leaders death.

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    The Warriors is amazing, the author vivid discribe the life of a wild cat. The story is about a cat called Rusty join the ThunderClan and saved the clan. The story is very exciting and very interesting. I read the book many times and I had different feelings each time. It’s a wonderful book, you will love it.

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