One thought on “Dessen, Sarah – Just Listen

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    This book, was quite challenging for me since I’m not the romance type of person. When I read the book for the first time, i thought it was all about Romance or teenage love, but then I found Family love in it. In the story despite Annabel’s two elder sisters like to quarrel like water and fire, they still had the love within them and care. I also found Friend’s love, I like what the male character said (Owen). What he said meant something like If it’s true friendship (like best friends) then quarrels or arguments can be forgiven. Also I like how Annabel and her best friend came back together at the ending. The way I look at this story is like about passing through adolescent like teenage’s life. Also I like how the cruel people in this story, how their life ended. When I read about the writer’s acknowledgements I felt like this book is referring to her life or so (I might be wrong). But I totally enjoyed the book. I was surprised I laughed at a Romance book meaning it was interesting to me. I recommend it!!!. Thanks

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