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    The hero(Annie) of this book was born in an era that is full of war.When the Nazi occupation of Denmark, each street corner has a German soldier who guarded. Annie had a Jewish friend, and the Germans had to catch the Jews. Anne in order to protect her friend, to face German soldiers courageous.We should not be fear. We
    must be calm, to overcome the psychological fear.

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    This book is about how a girl called Annemarie had saved her friend Ellen’s family from the German soldiers. The World War II is happening in Denmark, the Nazis were catching the Danish Jewish people in Denmark, and in each corner of a tree, there’s one German solider guard. Annemarie’s best friend Ellen and her family are Jews. For being the best friend of Ellen’s, Annemarie and her family helped Ellen’s family escape form Denmark. At the end of the book, the war had ended, and all the Danish people are save. This is a really interesting, exciting, and awesome book, I really like it!!!!

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    This book is about a young girl named Annemarie, who is danish, but has a best friend named Ellen and Ellen was Jewish! it was during World War 2 so the Germans wanted to capture all the Jews and put them in concentration camps. If it was not Annemarie, the hero, who didn’t care one bit if the mission was dangerous or not, she just wanted to help her best friend Ellen go somewhere safer to hide. So, Annemarie’s moms brother, Uncle Henrik, took the jewish people including Ellens family onto a fishing boat and took them to Sweden safely. If Annemarie hadn’t gave the handkerchief to uncle henrik in time, everyone on the boat will get captured, even killed! so, Annemarie Johansen is the Superhero of this story. And i like this book very much, it is very interesting. i enjoy reading it very much.

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    Number the stars is a fiction book but is based on reality. It;s setting is in WWll when the Jews were being relocated (put in concentration camps). In this book there are two girls the age of twelve, one danish, and one Jewish. Annemarie Johanson (danish) must save her friend, Ellen Rosen from being in the clutches of the Nazi. In this story Ellen has to leave her parents and go on with the Johansons. While her parents are hiding Ellen gos with Annemarie’s mother, little sister Kristie and Annemarie they go to Annemarie’s uncles house. Annemarie would not give up on her friend Ellen and that is what makes a true friend.

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    Number the stars is a book that emphasises on several problems in once, and it shows a tight relation between a Danish Non-Jew (Annemarie Johansen) and a Danish Jew (Ellen Rosen). The book is Set in World war 2, when most of Europe was under Nazi rule, in Denmark. Nazi troops guard every corners street, as well as looking for Jews to imprison. In the story, Annemarie and her family help Ellen rosen (Her best friend) and her family evacuate horror stricken Denmark. Facing many problems, they endure every problem. I find Peter, Annemaries close relative rather devoted to helping jews evacuate Denmark. He is quite important. I find the friendship that linked Ellen Rosen to Annemarie made Ellen evacuate with her family. I read this book for English class, and i find it good, but it seems a but life seems to cruel to some characters in the book.

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