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    A single Shard—Book Review
    If you ask me what my favorite book is, it will be the “A Single Shard”. It has taught me a lot and I love the plot in the book, how the story goes. It started with the main character Tree-ear, he has a dream. He has watched the master potter Min take a lump of clay and shaped it into a thing of beauty, for Tree-ear it was a magical work, it is perfect. Someday he wants to perform such a miracle himself.
    But he cannot just walk up to the master potter and ask him to teach him his craft, especially Tree-ear, he is an orphan. First Tree-ear must prove that he is worthy of Min’s time and teachings. So he asks the honorable master if he can work for him, without pay, for being near such talent. Tree-ear has taken his first step towards his dream.
    However, making a dream come true is very hear and tough, Tree-ear went through all of it, learnt a lot, grew a lot. No matter what the master potter sent him to do, no matter how painful it was, he kept walking, firmly, step by step towards his dream. In the end, he has succeeded. He proved to his master he worth it, he worth his teaching and time. Min was also very proud of Tree-ear, he and his wife decided to adopt Tree-ear as a family member and live with them. Tree-ear was very happy.
    This book showed how a boy grew from weak and naughty to independent and strong, it taught me to hold on, to my dreams, what I should do. I greatly recommend this book to the children age similar to me, this book not only gives me insight into an unfamiliar time and place, but it is also a very great story.

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