One thought on “Raskin, Ellen – The Westing Game

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    sam westing a rich man who had been murdered in a night and, the heirs must play a game to win the inheritance in his will he said his life was taken by one of the heirs, they were paired together to solve the mystery about who killed sam westing, the main character is a girl named turtle she is one of the heirs too. in someways all the heirs are related to sam westing. during the time they were solving the mystery lot of weird things happened like bombs,Sandy mcsoutherns ‘s death. the thing is all the heirs lived in the sunset tower to become a community, the person who sell the house to them is barney northrup, he also plays a big part in the story. at last turtle find out that sam westing didn’t die he disguise as sandy and barny northrup. sandy died because there were no more medicine, he died of his desease. turtle hide the inheritance as she grow up, and she became a successful business women.

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