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    I enjoyed reading this book. The beginning was really really really really really really really (multiplied by a thousand, but you get the point)boring. But other than that it was quite ice. The only reason I kept reading is because…I dunno. But the book gets more and more exciting as you start getting into the main body. I ‘ll give a brief summary. So E.D.Malone basically has a girlfriend called Gladys, and he wants to marry her, but she refuses, because she wanted him to do something heroic and meaningful first. (It was actually just because she liked another person, but she gave excuse) Anyway, Malone asks for a very hard task and he gets it. He has to interview Professor Challenger who, was known for his oddity, and also for his cracking the skull of another person who bothered him. So Malone went, and was caught up into this mystery of extinct life still existing somewhere in the amazon. So then Malone goes to an expedition with professor Challenger and two others, to rediscover the secretive the dinosaurs.
    I find that all in all this book was very interesting both in its context and its use of language. The book uses many older and more complex vocabulary, and many more different compound sentences. I really liked two thirds of this book and I hoped it lasted longer, so that we could dive deeper into the world of zoology and botany, and find much more interesting things that may have existed a few billion years ago.

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    The lost world is a great book with a unexpected plot. The story begins when Mr. Malone, has a talk with galdys hungerton, his girlfriend. Gladys refuses his proposal, and asks him to prove hiself to be a heroic person. Soon, Mr McArdle, his boss gives him a task to talk to a man named professor challenger, who soon makes an expedition to the dangerous, and dense amazons, where in a point, has dinosaurs. Three people go without challenger, because they were told to open a letter in a town in the amazons. Once they open it, they find nothing but a blank peice of paper. Luckily, challenger accompanies professor summerlee, Lord john roxton, and mr. malone just in time. In the next day, they start their expedition into the unknown. This book has tons of twists in its plot. I find the book better than the movie, probably because it was original. The end is sort of depressing, when Mr. Malone meets gladys, and learns that she just married a man called mr.potts

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