2 thoughts on “Dahl, Roald – The Twits

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    The twits is, a funny book with a funny plot. The first chapter or so is quite important, because thats where Mr, Twit and Ms. Twit, are introduced. Mr. Twit is a man with a really ugly beard and ms. twit is a really ugly woman with a walking stick. As the chapters go on, they make these hilarious pranks against each other. The illustrations are good, and i like the way the author expressed each of the twits. The story continues, as a few animals decide to get rid of the twits, and make this interesting plan which results with the twits dissapearing. I like this book and i wish there were a second book.

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    this book is funny because Mr and Mrs twits play very mean tricks on each other, i like the the wormy spaghetti is disgusting but is also funny. I like how the author introduce mr and mrs twit. Mr twits is a hairy face and he never wash his beard and there is food in his beard and Mrs twits have a walking stick that she use hit animals and stuff with it.
    I like this book i hope there will be a more books like the twits.

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