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    ‘Killing and Dying ‘ book review
    By : Anastasia G10Y

    All of us have a lot of family dynamics .It is all different , however it is all there .In the grpahic novel ”Killing and Dying ” there are a total of six short stories that are all about emotion and human life . In this graphic novel Adrian Tomine walks the reader through various of emotions that most people have to deal with life .

    Tomine writes about a young lady who has discovered that she has a lookalike , but it does not end there , because this young college girl’s lookalike is a porn star .Due to the fact that more and more people started finding about this .Her lovers /boyfriends started complaining that she was not intresting enough .All this lead to this young girl finally being courageous enough to meet her pornstar lookalike , which reavled both woman’s emotions and struggles .

    He also writes about a women’s interaction was her ex-husband .These two did not have a good history .Therefor in this story the reader experiences love , pain and internal struggle .

    The last piece that i want to mention in the review is the piece that has the same title as the book itself – ‘Killing and Dying ‘ . This is a story that all of us might soon be able to realite to .In this short story a young girl has chosen her future career – Stand-up comedian .After hearing this news her mother was extremly supportive , but her father on the other hand could not understand his daughter’s choice .This disagreement has created a new dynamic between the father and the daughter . A girl trying to achieve her dream and the father who is trying to kill his daughter’s dream , because he can not get his mind around the idea of his daughter becoming a stand up comedian .

    As a person who tends to think a lot on the topic of ‘What is the meaning of life ?’ I quickly fell inlove with this graphic novel . Tomine seems to know everything about everyone .The style of his writting has the abillity to pin point each story to all of his reader regardless of their differences .Another thing that made this grpahic novel stand up from others is the accuracy of each panel that the author has included in the book . Looking through each of the panels brings out even more meaning to the author’s words and allows the reader to feel like each and everyone and everyone of them is wriiten particulary for them .

    Adrian Tomine managed to use short stories to show a lot of emotions .However after reading the book for a while i felt like he went by each story way too fast and maybe if Adrian would have spent more time on each story and made it a bit longer .He could have gotten in to more deepth .As this graphic novel is an extremley easy read and does not take a lot of time to read .

    Lastly i would say that this graphic is literature , because in my opinion literautre is something that touches a person soul through the author’s words .Which this graphic novel has clearly done , even if we were to read this grpahic novel without words , it would have still brought up variety of emotions ,life lessons and created an attachment between the reader and the book .

    This graphic novel is sure a worthy book to read and discuss amoung friends and family .

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    Killing and Dying Book Review

    In this unfair society, satire comedy does its job by critiquing the society of its flaws. Written by Adrian Tomine, an American prodigy writer who kicked off his career by self-publishing his own comic-book series called “Optic Nerve” at the age of sixteen, “Killing and Dying” serves as a literary indictment towards the futility that people face when their lives are at their impasses. “Killing and Dying” is an amalgamation of 6 short graphic novels, but all of the stories have a common theme: conflicts between hope and disappointment. Most stories within the graphic novel kick off with the main character believing in him or her dream; however, as the story progresses, the main character matures, and realises how futile his or her dream was. Although this graphic novel conveys these themes, the graphic novel rather humourous, since it is a dark humour and a satire comedy piece. The title of this graphic novel is actually based on the title of one of the short graphic novels within the story, and that short graphic novel is one of the most explicit stories that conveys the theme compared to that of other short graphic novels in the story. In the graphic novel written by Adrian Tomine, “Killing and Dying,” instead of promoting the optimisms in our society, offers readers an acute criticism that educates the readers of the miserable realism that exists within our society nowadays.

    First, in the graphic novel “Killing and Dying”, the facial expression is crucial in conveying the graphic novel’s theme. Adrian Tomine’s drawing cannot be regarded as an extremely detailed drawing, given that there are some parts without much details, especially in the background. However, despite not drawing with excruciating details, the subtlety within his drawing, especially in the facial expressions, such as the expression of anxiety, anger, despair and et cetera, convey the sense of emotions that the character faces. Therefore, through such medium, the readers easily emphasise with character’s emotions, allowing the readers to easily understand the central theme of graphic novel, which is about hope that turns into disappointment.

    On the other hand, one of the shortcomings of “Killing and Dying” is the monotonous colour tone that pervades throughout each story. Given that the graphic novel was not a drawing book, the author rather wanted the readers to focus on the plot and characterisation, not on the drawings and the colour tone. Therefore, although the drawing does not look rough, it is not extremely detailed and the colour tone of the graphic novel is sometimes black and white or monotonous colour, depending on the short graphic novel. Therefore, had the colours been diverse, it could have attracted the viewers’ attention visually.

    Personally, this graphic novel would be suitable for young adults. The reason why it is suitable for the young adults is because the graphic novel is realistic and cynical of the society, and may arouse sadness and empathy from the readers, and readers can emphasise with the stories and the characters of the graphic novel. Not only that, it also contains illustrious contents that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

    Lastly, “Killing and Dying” should be regarded as a work of literature, because it is a satire piece that realistically expresses the harsh reality of achieving one’s dream in a society. One of the essences of literature pieces is to have lasting merits, as in leaving the readers pondering about either the book or the society, and “Killing and Dying” provokes the readers’ deepest emotional resonance through realistic reflection of the society.

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