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Book Battle: January / February Results

This month’s Book Battle was a Panda Book Awards special, with double points available for reviews of books on the shortlist. E7D took advantage to come out on top with a massive 36 points! They’ll have a chance to get their revenge on runners-up E6G (who amassed 25 points) on Friday March 4th! Note: If […]

Book Battle: December

The Book Battle total for December will also include any reviews added in November. We have a very special prize for this month’s champions! Your homeroom will receive a set of Kindles, fully loaded with awesome books, to borrow over the Spring Festival break! Remember, a review of The Lost World will earn you two points […]

Book Battle – October

The top two homerooms for October are E7E (with 38) and E6G (with 50!) The head-to-head Book Battle will take place on Tuesday November 10th!  E6A: 1 David – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (16.10) E6F: 6 Jessica Yuan – The Giver (04.10) Jessica Yuan – Warriors: Midnight (05.10) Nicole – Island of the Blue […]

Book Battle – September

Updated October 12th E6G defeated E7H in their Book Battle Quiz at lunchtime (12.45) in A205 on Friday October 9th to become BWYA’s first ever Book Battle Champions! E6F: 16 Sophie Zhang – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (13.09) Sophie Zhang – Frankenstein (13.09) Sophie Zhang – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (25.09) Sophie Zhang – […]