Book Battle


What is the Book Battle?

The Book Battle is a chance for your homeroom to prove that they love reading more than any class in the school! You will earn one point for your homeroom for every review of a book you post on the reading website. (If you don’t know how to add a review, watch this video!)

Can I review any book?

You should only review books you have finished in the last month – don’t write reviews of books you finished years ago and can barely remember!

What counts as a review?

Your review should be a paragraph in length, containing enough information to prove that you have actually read the book. Writing something like “I liked this book it was exciting and OSM” is not enough!

How do we win?

At the end of each month, the two homerooms who have the highest point total for the month will take part in a head-to-head quiz about the books they have read. Only one homeroom can win!

What do we win?

  • A book of your choice, for your homeroom to keep – start building your very own homeroom library!
  • A certificate to display proudly in your homeroom for all to see and envy!
  • Eternal glory, with a spot on the library’s Reading Wall of Fame!

What if I can’t find the book I read?

Leave a comment on the Books page or send an email to Mr. Haysom, and we’ll get it added as soon as possible!

Who are the champions so far?

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10 thoughts on “Book Battle

  1. Profile photo of timtim

    I read the book “Lord of the Flies” in my out-of-school reading class on the weekends, even though it was for an educational purpose, but I still think it is a good and exciting book, it’s plot is briefly about a group of boys that were stranded on an island and as time proceeds, they began to split into groups and which they were plotting against each other, they eventually split up into the sensible group and the savage group, in the end they got saved by bypassing ship and they finally realized how savage they once were.

    this book tells readers about life questions, like”how would people react if they are in a life-death situation?” it tells perfectly and with interesting stories, so I think this book is a fun and exciting book, and readers could learn lot of things from “Lord of the Flies”.

  2. Profile photo of timtim

    I read the book “Frankenstein” in my National holidays, this book is mostly about unfortunate events and difficulties that happened in the book, the level I read was Advanced, it was a bit difficult for me to read it, but I think it contained lots of deep thoughts of the author while she was writing it, so I think it is quite helpful.

    The plot is briefly about a young man named Victor, his difficult life that he went through, at first he was born in Nepal, his family adopted a young girl named Elizabeth when Victor was young, after that, Victor’s two little brothers were born, William and Clerval,when it was his age when he should be in university, Elizabeth got sick and Victor’s mom took care of her until she recovered, but Victor’s mom got sick and died, Victor and Elizabeth went to University despite their sadness.

    Then Victor learned about life and death in the university, he got interested and decided to create an alive creature, therefore he worked for years and when he succeeded, the creature went out of control and began to kill people, eventually causing all of his family and with an innocent young lady, Victor got enraged and searched for years, to kill his creation, he finally did, and that’s how the story ended.

    I think this book is very interesting and fun, it also gives deep thoughts to the reader, it could train the reader’s logical mind because to throughly understand the book, it would take lots of thinking.

  3. Profile photo of timtim

    I read the book “Raven’s Gate” on the time of about last half of this year, it was mostly about the crimes and evil plan that a boy with supernatural involved in, by the villains’ purpose. This book is not very hard to read, and it is mostly about adventures and the hard battle of good against evil. This book has exciting themes and plots that could entertain the readers.

    The plot was about a boy named matt who had both of his parents killed in a menacing car crash but he survived, he soon grew up and became a teenager.He struggled for money and a living, he had a bad friend called kelvin, Matt got convinced by kelvin and he persuaded him to rob a storage room and Matt got sent away for a foster period, he encountered villains and in the end he got saved by a journalist called Richard, then went to London to live.

    I think this book was exciting and it has lots of cliff-hanger scenes where the good characters were almost in serious danger, it was very entertaining and the book tells about the origins and the formation of evil forces, which could by summarized to be the blind obeying to evil,greed,and the wounds of one’s mind.

  4. Profile photo of FrankFrank

    I read the book “Danny the champion of the world” in this summer vacation. This book is not to so long, and it’s also not hard to read, but I like it very much. I think it is a ‘half adventures’ book, because the plot is more like just talk about a little boy’s life, or not show the adventures all the time.

    The plot was about a little boy who named Danny. When he was four months old, his mother died suddenly, so Danny’s father must look after Danny all by himself. They were the very poor gypsy but that doesn’t means they are not happy every day, Danny’s father are good at making things, like he can makes the kites and the fire balloons. He is a night storyteller also, so the Danny can hear the night story every night. It makes Danny become a good storyteller too when he was grow up.

    I think this is a very interesting book, those characters in this book are not that much, but they are all very interesting and fun. The reader can easily get into the book, it give lot of space for us to imagine the picture, so I can see them in my mind when I was reading it. It is a good book for the student.

  5. Profile photo of Faye ChengFaye Cheng

    I read the book “Holes” this month. Its author is Louis Sacher. This is a fiction book, and it is about adventures. The main plot of this book is a 14 years old boy called Stanley Yelnats was sent to a camp in Camp Green Lake because people thought he stole a pair of shoes.. The camp let the boys in the camp to dug a hole that is 5 inches deep everyday because people believed what they were doing can turn a bad boy to a good boy. Stanley didn’t believed it, so he had an adventure with his friends in the camp ,and they found out the truth.I think the story is very interesting, and I like it.

  6. Profile photo of Daisy GuoDaisy Guo

    I read the book “The Hunger Games”
    The ruins in the North America continent, there was a country that have twelve administrative region and a rich capital that surrounded by administrative region

    The country would forced the people to handout one girl and one boy in each administrative region, and send them to the annual “hunger game”, and live telecast to the whole country.
    A gril that named Katniss live with her mother and her younger sister, she was 16 years old, she instead of her sister in the “ lottery day”, her younger sister was chosen by the hunger game.

    During the survival training for the “hunger games”, she mastered fighting skills and the skills to survive, the most important thing is, she has a great intuition. These talents helped her to won the huger games.

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