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What is The Lupine Prize?
The Lupine Prize is a writing contest at BWYA.  It was founded in 2013 by the English department as a way to encourage students to write creatively.


Who can enter this contest?
Anyone from the IB school at BWYA can enter the contest (this means students from grades 6-12 in the English section of our school).

What kinds of pieces can I submit?
The focus of this contest is creative writing so you may not submit any texts that are not creative (for instance, please do not submit your science lab report).  This contest is held by the English department so your piece needs to be written in English.  There are two categories in this contest:  poetry and prose.  For poetry, you may submit poems (shocking, I know).  For prose, you may submit short stories (which is the most common text students choose to submit for this category) or you can even submit creative articles, narratives, graphic novels (with a significant amount of text), short plays or essays.

May I submit a piece of writing that I completed for homework?
Yes, you may!

Is there a set topic that I have to write about?
No, you are free to write about any topic that interests you.  However, you might want to keep in mind that winners will be published in an anthology for students, teachers and parents so make sure what you write is appropriate for that audience.

What are the judges looking for?
The judges are the English teachers at our school.  This is a creative writing contest so they are looking for originality, imagination, language skill, literary technique and a unique style.

How many submissions can one student enter into this contest per year?
Each student is allowed three submissions per category.

How long can each submission be?
There is no minimum, but the maximum word count for any single submission is 2000 words.

How do I submit my writing to enter this contest?
After you have finished writing, you need to collect the 2018 Lupine Prize Coversheet.  You can download the coversheet here or you can ask your English teacher to give you a copy (or several copies).  On the coversheet you will need to write your name, group (MS=Middle School or HS=High School), homeroom, category (poetry or prose), title of piece, word count, email address and English teacher.  A separate coversheet is required for each entry.  Staple the coversheet to a hard copy of your entry and give this to your English teacher.  On your piece, please only write the title of the piece; do not write your name on any other page except for the coversheet.

Download 2018 Lupine Prize Coversheet

When is the deadline for submission?
This year, the deadline is Friday, November 24th.


What does it mean to be a finalist?
Being a finalist means that at least one of your pieces is being considered for an award.  You are in the running for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place (or at least an honorable mention).

How do I discover if I am a finalist?
In December, finalists will be added to a group on Managebac called “The Lupine Prize.”  On that group, there will be a list posted outlining which pieces have made it to the final round.  Your English teacher will probably also inform you of this news.

What do I have to do if I am a finalist?
To improve your chances of winning and to revise your piece(s) so it is polished and ready to be published in the anthology, you will have to submit a final draft(s).  On Monday, December 11th during lunch, you will meet with the judges who chose your piece to receive feedback.  Then you need to upload your final draft(s) to The Lupine Prize Managebac group by Friday, January 12th (on the group, you will also be given some guidelines about the format of your final draft, such as the font and acceptable file formats).  After that date, the judges will review all the final drafts and chose the winners.


When do I find out if I won?
In January, all finalists will be informed of the results through Managebac.

What prizes are there?
There are a total of 12 prizes, 6 for MS (3 for poetry and 3 for prose) and 6 for HS (3 for poetry and 3 for prose).  Honorable mentions will also be given certificates (there is a maximum of 5 honorable mentions allowed per category).

What is the anthology?
The anthology is a collection of the selected pieces of all the finalists.  It is designed by the Lupine Minions.  Free copies of the anthology are given to all winners and are available for students, teachers and parents after the award ceremony.

When is the award ceremony?
The award ceremony is scheduled for Friday, April 13th during extended homeroom.  There are two ceremonies, one for MS and one for HS.  During the ceremony, all of the first place winners will read from their pieces (for both ceremonies).

Lupine Minions

What are the Lupine Minions?
The Lupine Minions are students who help to promote this contest (September to November) and put together the anthology of the finalists’ pieces (January to March).

How are The Lupine Minions chosen?
English teachers invite students to be minions if they have demonstrated a passion for writing and/or creative expression as well as a responsible character.

Past Winners

Who were the past winners?

Prizes 2014 2015 2016
1st Place Albert Fan Jacquelin Li  Becky Yang
2nd Place Jessy Zhou Kayla Cao  Kayla Cao
3rd Place Geon Lee Jessy Zhou  Karen Lee
Honorable Mentions Jacquelin Li Kayla Cao, Karen Lee, Jacquelin Li  Sydney Liang, Kayla Cao, Mike Tan, Sophie He
1st Place Jacquelin Li Jacquelin Li  Karen Lee
2nd Place Karen Lee Sydney Liang  Yash Nair
3rd Place Lauren You Kevin Tao  Sophie He
Honorable Mentions Karen Lee, Jacquelin Li, Alice Cui, Jessica Chien, Brian Ma, Yino Xie, Kikei Chan Jessy Zhou, Becky Yang  Sophie He, Luca Cao, Glen Min, Dari Temutsilekhu
1st Place Kayla Cao Annika Tanner  Annika Tanner
2nd Place Sydney Liang Sophia Hinson  Spring Xia
3rd Place Terry Tang Tenzin Low  Terry Tang
Honorable Mentions Sunny Li, Shawn Guo, Patricia Moltzen, Clara Lee, Andy Yu Annika Tanner, Clara Lee, Sophie He  Sean Lin, Tenzin Low
1st Place Kayla Cao Patricia Moltzen  Benjamin Li
2nd Place Yash Nair Gordon Chan  Tina Han
3rd Place Shawn Guo Sophie He  Penelope Zhang
Honorable Mentions Sydney Liang, Yining Duan, Kayla Cao, Gary Qi Angel An, Annika Tanner, Audrey Chen, Yash Nair  Annika Tanner, Cherry Yan, Tina Han, Apple Liu

Click on the covers below to download previous anthologies:

2015 Lupine Anthology Cover 2014 Lupine Anthology Cover Lupine Anthology Cover 2016

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