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    This is a graphic novel by Jilliam Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki. It is mainly about a girl named Rose and her parents’ unforgettable summer in the Awago Beach.

    They go to the beach every summer, and her friend Windy is always there. There’s actually no big plot through the whole story going on, but there are many little problems to be solved, Rose’s mom and dad won’t stop fighting, the reason is about a new baby! And what’s behind their intention of having babies, what happened… Rose and Windy discovers many problems between people in the town, the love, the pregnant, the whole town is talking about this…

    It’s not a interesting book, but it’s a good book. At the first when I was reading it, I felt like smashing it on the ground, and give it up. I have no idea about what it is after reading the first half of the story, then I realize I have lost the patient and have been unconscientious, so I picked it up and read it from the beginning. That’s where I began to really understand the meaning after every sentence the characters said, and when I was thinking, I realized that yes, it is about a common girl’s common story in the summer, but there are more about friendship, relationship in the family, and the skill in social life.

    Isn’t it like our life? Sometimes, it’s pretty boring, nothing seems have gone wrong, but everything is a surprise, everything is mysterious

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