Brashares, Ann – Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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    The Sisterhood of the traveling pants

    This book is mainly about the stories of four girls—Bridget, Carmen, Tibby and Lena—during summer holidays. They were best friends, every holidays they were together, except for this one, they all went to different places, and the only thing that kept their connection was the “magical traveling pants”, it is sent to them one by one in order. Let’s see their stories first.

    Bridget, the athlete, went to a soccer camp. She fell in love with the coach, however, the coach didn’t seem to be happy with the irregular relationship between them. She used to be a super star on the field, but after the coach had rejected her, she lost her energy, she became decadent…

    Tibby, met a girl named Bailey, who was only 12 years old. They worked on Tibby’s film together, and became friends. But the good time didn’t last long, Bailey had cancer, and in the end of the story, she died…

    Carmen, with her parents divorced, she went to her dad’s house for the summer, but inconceivably, her dad had just found a new wife with two kids!! Carmen was so miserable, she thought her dad didn’t belong to her anymore, and she thought she was nobody in this “new family”. Finally, as she was furious that no one cared about her, she ran out, back to Washington DC, her mom’s house. This was not the end, however…

    Lena, went back to her hometown, Greece with her sister. One day the incident happened, a boy named Kostos had peeped her naked body when she was swimming in the river. After long fights between the Bapi of both of them, Lena realized she had misunderstood Kostos, and something more important, she might fell in love with him…

    ——No more spoiling!!——

    After all, the key that thorough the whole story—The traveling pants, was surely magical, it could fit everyone’s hip, and even made them more beautiful, they believe that the traveling pants could help them solve every riddle, indeed, every riddle was solved, but was it because of the magical pants? Or was it actually because of the confidence the pants gave them…Overall, this was a great book that would lead me to read the second book of the series.

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