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    The Second summer of the sisterhood
    This book is the second of the traveling pants series, since I had written the book reviews for the first one already, I will not introduce a lot about the basic informations.This summer, they were split up again, therefore the traveling pants went back and held their connection. They all have different experience during this summer.

    Tibby, went to a summer school of film making, was the one who had the most boring summer (: P just my own opinion), she made friends with Brian (also in the first book), and he became the bromeo of Tibby’s.

    Bridget, became decadent after last summer’s incident, she lost her “perfect muscles”, and dyed her blonde hair brown. She went to another town to find her grandma, she even changed her name. She worked for her grandma and found some more stories about her early -died mom…

    Carmen found out that her mom fell in love with a man called David. Just like last summer, she was jealous with all these, she thought her mom belongs to her (Selfish, I know), and she did some tricks to split them up, just like a love breaker…(When I read to this part, I surely wanted to punch her in face)

    Lena, was insane ever since she broke up with Kostos, she can’t forget him, and of course she was regretful to broke up with him. One day, magically Kostos went to Washington DC, they met. They became dating again, but in the end of the story, another girl became Kostos’s fiancee…

    Actually I think this book is worse than the first one, it kept the theme of the first book’s, without having any new ideas, so the readers won’t have passion when reading it. Besides, there are some descriptions that are really really INAPPROPRIATE, like when Lena and Kostos are doing ***, I don’t think that’s good for educational purpose (:P just my own opinion). Overall, I won’t read the third one anyways…

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