Book Battle – October

The top two homerooms for October are E7E (with 38) and E6G (with 50!) The head-to-head Book Battle will take place on Tuesday November 10th!  E6A: 1 David – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (16.10) E6F: 6 Jessica Yuan – The Giver (04.10) Jessica Yuan – Warriors: Midnight (05.10) Nicole – Island of the Blue […]

Book review inspiration: Subway Book Review

From The Guardian: It all started after [Uli Beutter Cohen] was immediately struck by “how quiet the subway is in New York. People have this unspoken code of conduct, even on packed trains,” she explains. “You have this image of New Yorkers – so chatty, and curious, and I thought: ‘It can’t be that I’m […]

Book Battle – September

Updated October 12th E6G defeated E7H in their Book Battle Quiz at lunchtime (12.45) in A205 on Friday October 9th to become BWYA’s first ever Book Battle Champions! E6F: 16 Sophie Zhang – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (13.09) Sophie Zhang – Frankenstein (13.09) Sophie Zhang – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (25.09) Sophie Zhang – […]

Books to Movies

In honor of May Fair at the Movies, I’ve put together a list of books that have been made into movies.  This is by no means a comprehensive list — if you can think of others, let me know in the comments! What is your favorite book that was made into a movie??? Books2Movies List

Graphic Novels

Congrats to E7 students – your Graphic Novel Fair was great! I liked hearing about the process used to write and illustrate your graphic novels. What graphic novels would you like to read?   To see what we have n the BWYA Library now, you can search “graphic novel” in the catalog to see what’s available. […]

The Results Are In…2015 Panda Award Winners!

Thanks to all BWYA readers who read the nominated books and voted for this year’s Panda Award winners!!  Over 3,100 votes were cast from 44 schools throughout China, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and the United States to determine the winners in the four categories.   Drumroll please…          In the Young […]

2016 Panda Award Nominees Announced!

We had so much fun reading and voting for the 2015 Panda Award books!  What was your favorite?  The John Green-esque Winger?  The graphic novel Boxers? Get ready for more because the 2016 Panda Award Nominees were just announced!  That means you have time to read ALL of the nominated books before the voting takes […]

Shen Shixi: Translation Workshop

As part of One School, Two Books month, grade 9 students took part in a translation workshop. They worked in four groups to translate the opening of《狼王梦》by Shen Shixi (沈石溪). After coming up with four alternative versions of the first paragraph, they took a section of the subsequent story each and then edited the writing of their […]

Jackal and Wolf: The Ultimate Quiz

“One School, Two Books” month came to an end on March 27th, with champions representing each of the grade 6 to 8 homerooms fighting it out to win pizza (or ice cream cake) for their classmates. After a tense finale it was Angel An from E8D who came out on top, attaining an unsurmountable score of 250 […]