Book Battle: December


The Book Battle total for December will also include any reviews added in November.

We have a very special prize for this month’s champions! Your homeroom will receive a set of Kindles, fully loaded with awesome books, to borrow over the Spring Festival break!

Remember, a review of The Lost World will earn you two points instead of one!

UPDATED: the top two teams for this month are E6G (with 9) and E7D (with 11), which means these two teams will be facing one another in the first Book Battle of 2015 on Friday January 15th!

The total points:

E6F: 1
Alice Wen – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

E6G: 9

Catherine Chen – The Wednesday Wars
Linda Huang – The Bad Beginning
Linda Huang – Number the Stars
Bruce Tang – The Scorch Trials
Bruce Tang – Charlie & The Great Glass Elevator
Bruce Tang – The Twits
Sparsh – The Lost World
Sparsh – The Twits

E7D: 11

Apple Liu – Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets
Apple Liu – Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
Apple Liu – Paperboy
Apple Liu – Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban
Apple Liu – The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls
Nevaeh Li – Boxers
Nevaeh Li –Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban
Celestia Gao – The First Phone Call From Heaven
Willy Lee – The Witches
Conrad – The Battle of the Labyrinth
Conrad – Holes

E7E: 2

Shelly – Alice in Wonderland
Tiffany – To Kill A Mockingbird

E8L: 3

Terry Tang – The Lost World
(x2 points)
Terry Tang – Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard

DP1H: 2

DivineGift – Framed
DivineGift – Stormbreaker



21 thoughts on “Book Battle: December

          1. Profile photo of Apple.LiuApple.Liu

            Well, of course you guys had known a lot about Harry Potter, sadly, THAT”S ALL. This time, we got library in our heads, and victory in our hands! Losing once doesn’t mean anything, and knowing ONLY Harry Potter and Roald Dahl is also worthless. Honestly, it made us feel sorry about you guys. Oh, sorry, we forgot you are 6th graders, we can’t have that much expect, right? : P

        1. Profile photo of Catherine ChenCatherine Chen

          Look i know it isn’t the right thing to do what i have done. so i think i owe all the ED a big apology so i’m sorry . also for this book battle we though you guys are gonna win what i mean here is just you are a strong class it just feel very very honourable to actually you know win, no offence though. like i think that a lot of you know about road dahl and panda awards and we know more about HP. anyways E7D inna pretty strong class and i am very very sorry to say things above i hope all the E7D’s accept my apology.
          thank you
          guys i am very sorry about what i said( pretend there is a big bow)

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